Colin’s Top 5 Training Treats

pooch5. Pooch and Mutt Tubes
– these little bone shaped treats come in handy tubes which are great when you are on the go. They are fairly small (we still break them in half when we are training) and come in seven different flavours. The flavours can be a bit hit and miss but Colin is a big fan of Brain and Train and Fresh Breath. These are a good basic training treat but I would not consider them to be high value. If there are any distractions these are not reliable but they are great for training at home. They are at the higher end of the price scale at about £2.99 retail price for a 125g tube.

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Weekend at Grandma’s

On our way!

Friday marked the first day of half term (for those of you that don’t know my Mum is training to be a Primary school teacher, half term is week-long school holiday here in the UK) so we packed up our bags and headed back to Grandma’s for the holiday. Obviously Grandma and Grandpa were waiting with open arms to greet me, they pretend they don’t but I know they miss me when I’m gone. The best bit about going back is that Des and Eve live with them. Every time I go back they is a little bit of argy-bargy when I arrive, Des and Eve just like to remind me that I am at the bottom of the pecking order, but we soon settle down and it’s just like old times (we used to all live together before Mum and I moved out).

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Review: Dogrobes

You know the feeling, it’s a lovely, wet day and your hoomans are complaining about taking you out for a walk. Eventually they give in and layer up in their ridiculous “wet weather” gear and you’re off.  You know it’ll probably be a short walk, the hoomans don’t seem to appreciate the rain as much as us fluffy folk, so you set about getting as wet and muddy as you can in the time you are out, bonus points if you can also get some muddy footprints on your hoomans. Far too soon you get home and because you are “disgusting” you get relegated to the doggy room (this room can vary in location, for us it is the utility room) for a drying “”time-out”. They then proceed to leave you there until you are deemed dry and clean enough to come out, this can be up to two hours. They may leave you with a chew, don’t be fooled. This is to distract you from the injustice of the situation.

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Review: The Dog Treat Company

This week we are going to try and review some of the lovely products we picked up at the weekend at Discover Dogs. First up is The Dog Treat Company.

Products: Fabulous Fur, Joie de Vivre and Take my Dog Breath Away.

These are lovely, natural treats that Colin could not get enough of on Sunday which was a relief after he had refused so many! All six varieties are based on the same recipe with a few little tweaks, for example parsley in the fresh breath “Take my Dog Breath Away” treats. Main ingredients are free range chicken liver, oats, organic smelt and free range eggs. They don’t add any salt, sugars, dyes or fillers to their treats and use dehydration to preserve them so no chemicals there either!

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Discover Dogs

Sunday 18th October started bright and early. We left home at 7 am to cross London (and pick up my godmother, Claire on the way) in order to attend Discover Dogs at the Excel arena and compete at Scruffts in the category of most handsome dog.

Me and my new buddy Zeus

We registered and then went for a stroll around the stalls before the competition started. It was lovely and quiet and I got to meet loads of lovely new doggy friends, in fact a few times I lay down and tried to stay with my new friends but Mum didn’t think I’d get away with being a Tibetan Mastiff or Leonberger for the day! Finally 10 o’clock came and it was time to shine.

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Review: Bully Sticks from Bully Bundles

So many of you may have heard of bully sticks. They are a massive trend in America as all-natural, healthy, low-fat dog chews that can last up to 24 hours. They are not readily available in the UK yet (unless you fancy paying up to £7 shipping fee) and my hooman wasn’t ready to spend all that money and risk me not liking them. I can be pretty fussy when it comes to treats. So when our Instagram friends @mollyandtillystaffies ran a competition for best trick with a bag of bully sticks from Bully Bundles as the prize of course we entered! Luckily I know some awesome tricks and I was chosen as one of their winners! Ten days later our parcel arrived and I couldn’t wait to try out the goods so here is my honest review.

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Finding Colin

Since I wasn’t born yet I’ve decided to let my Mummy tell you about how she came to find me.

The journey started one evening around the dining table. At the time I was living at home with my parents and as I had done a few dozen times before I asked if I could get a puppy. Expecting the same answer as all the times before I was shocked when the answer was ‘sure, why not’. The next few weeks were filled with researching breeds until I made the decision I wanted a miniature poodle puppy. Then came finding a breeder. This was a minefield quite honestly. Not only did I want a healthy puppy from a breeder who honestly cared deeply about all their puppies but I also needed a puppy that could deal with living with two standard poodles who didn’t always take kindly to small dogs, in fact they had been known to pin anything smaller than a spaniel to the floor.

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