Desmond and Eve

Now you know a bit about me it’s time to introduce you to the most important dogs in my life, Desmond and imageEve. They are standard poodles, Des is white and Eve is black. They are 8 year-old litter siblings and  they have lived with my hoomans for 7 years. They were both adopted via a rescue organisation in 2008.

Desmond was adopted first, in June 2007 my hoomans went to collect him from a breeders where we were told he had been abused. This lady was giving him up because he was ‘not good enough to be a show dog’. It was immediately obvious to my hoomans that he was a very sad and scared dog. He was terrified of his own shadow, had never seen things like grass before and was terribly hand shy. Slowly he began to come out of his shell but the real break through came imagein the August. His sister Eve had been returned to the rescue organisation, they people who had taken her when my hoomans had adopted Des could no longer deal with her. My hoomans were asked to foster her until she found a new home. The minute she came through the door Des was a changed dog. He still needed a lot of work but with his sister by his side he had a new found confidence. Needless to say it was decided that Eve would stay.

Both Des and Eve had issues, they had both been beaten, in one case Eve had even had her leg broken but overimage the days, then months they slowly regained their trust in people. They were not normal year-old dogs. They didn’t know how to play or interact with other dogs. They were however gentle, loving and unimaginably trusting despite everything they had been through.

Now you would never know what they had suffered in the first year of their lives, they are happy, healthy dogs who love nothing more than to cuddle up with our hoomans on the sofa (when we are allowed – shhh don’t tell Grandpa!). Since I came home they have even learnt to play.



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