Finding Colin

Since I wasn’t born yet I’ve decided to let my Mummy tell you about how she came to find me.

The journey started one evening around the dining table. At the time I was living at home with my parents and as I had done a few dozen times before I asked if I could get a puppy. Expecting the same answer as all the times before I was shocked when the answer was ‘sure, why not’. The next few weeks were filled with researching breeds until I made the decision I wanted a miniature poodle puppy. Then came finding a breeder. This was a minefield quite honestly. Not only did I want a healthy puppy from a breeder who honestly cared deeply about all their puppies but I also needed a puppy that could deal with living with two standard poodles who didn’t always take kindly to small dogs, in fact they had been known to pin anything smaller than a spaniel to the floor.

Many emails were sent, any that got a one lined response were trashed. I was not interested in getting a puppy from a breeder that didn’t have any questions for me. For me a sign of a breeder that cared about their puppies was that they wanted to know about where their puppy would be going. Finally I had it narrowed down to about 3 breeders and I started to arrange going to visit them before I left for my summer job in America.

Little Kamy

The first (and only) visit I ended up doing was to a lovely lady called Sabrina Green. My best friend and I made the 300 mile round trip to Ipswich to meet Sabrina and her gorgeous dogs. She breeds standard and large miniature poodles in a variety of colours but I fell in love with pictures of  a litter she had a year previously. This was the only litter she had ever had that weren’t purebred poodles, the dam was a border collie x miniature poodle and the sire was a miniature poodle and I feel in love with the resulting puppies. There was one particular little brown puppy that stole my heart, her name was Kamy and she was the reason I decided to get a bordoodle. On my visit to Sabrina I was able to meet both the parents, Zaphira and Jasper, as well as her other 8 dogs. She clearly IMG_0336 IMG_0335absolutely adored every single dog, they all lived in the house with her and had the best of everything. She not only completes the health tests that are compulsory but many others beside including getting them fully DNA sequenced. By the time we left (which was about 2 hours of poodle cuddles later) I was totally and utterly convinced that I had made the correct decision. I didn’t need to arrange any more visits. I would be getting my baby from Sabrina.

I was in America when the puppies were born, Sabrina kept me updated throughout the whelping and Zaphira had 6 healthy puppies. To my absolute delight she had a brown mismarked male, almost identical to little Kamy who had convinced me to change my mind months earlier. I send Sabrina a message as soon as I had received the photos, I asked to reserve the little brown boy and his name was to be Colin.

Colin – 1 week old

The next six weeks were the longest of my life. Although I had fallen in love with the little brown boy whether or not I could bring him home depended on his personality as he grew up. If Sabrina didn’t think he would cope with our two standard poodles then I would have to choose a different puppy. Of course they were all gorgeous but my heart was set. Luckily for me, he went from strength to strength, in no small part due to the extensive puppy training he received at Sabrina’s. A few times a week I was able to see new photos of the babies and videos of their training via Sabrina’s website (link below) and you can imagine the relief when at 5 weeks old, a week before I was due to go and visit, Sabrina messaged me to say that she thought the little brown boy, now named Colin, would be perfect for our family.
A week later, back from America, my Mum and I were on our way to visit Colin. With two litters of puppies born within a week of each other it was chaos at Sabrina’s. The best kind of gorgeous, fluffy, puppy chaos! She had a grand total of 17 puppies (6 in Colin’s litter and 11 standard poodle puppies) but I only had eyes for my little boy. The minute I saw him I had no questions in my mind at all that he was going to be perfect for our family. It was love at first sight. The next two weeks before I could bring him home were almost unbearable!

The lovely Sabrina’s website;

Colin with his Grandma – 6 weeks old
Sleeping on my lap – 6 weeks old

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