Review: Bully Sticks from Bully Bundles

So many of you may have heard of bully sticks. They are a massive trend in America as all-natural, healthy, low-fat dog chews that can last up to 24 hours. They are not readily available in the UK yet (unless you fancy paying up to £7 shipping fee) and my hooman wasn’t ready to spend all that money and risk me not liking them. I can be pretty fussy when it comes to treats. So when our Instagram friends @mollyandtillystaffies ran a competition for best trick with a bag of bully sticks from Bully Bundles as the prize of course we entered! Luckily I know some awesome tricks and I was chosen as one of their winners! Ten days later our parcel arrived and I couldn’t wait to try out the goods so here is my honest review.

First off, considering they are essentially dried cow penis, they don’t smell that bad. Well I thought they smelt great personally but apparently they didn’t offend Mum’s bizarre sense of smell. Secondly they were a lot bigger than we expected, about 15cm long and 1cm thick, but she still wasn’t that hopefully. Usually chews this size last me about 10 minutes maximum, I’m what is usually described as an “aggressive chewer”. It is literally the only way the word aggressive could be used to describe me. So I sunk my teeth into the stick and set to work. To both my hooman’s and my surprise it was still there after 10 minutes. And after half an hour. And after an hour. At this point I got bored so I abandoned my stick. It was officially the longest a chew had ever lasted in our house and it was only half done! I finally finished it about 3 hours later and Mum was thrilled. She’d been able to watch all of her evening TV without me interrupting, for the record I am far more important than any TV show even the Great British Bake Off. Unfortunately the next stick only lasted about half an hour so it does seem to be hit and miss!

In summary, these bully sticks from Bully Bundles were pretty good. They are quite expensive compared to other chews on the market but they do last a bit longer than anything else we’ve tried. (Mum says they also don’t smell as bad as my other favourite, dried fish skins!) Unfortunately the shipping costs do still put us off a bit, hopefully they will start to become more readily available in the UK and until then they will just have to be a special treats once in a while!

Overall we give them 8/10

Go check them about at:


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