Discover Dogs

Sunday 18th October started bright and early. We left home at 7 am to cross London (and pick up my godmother, Claire on the way) in order to attend Discover Dogs at the Excel arena and compete at Scruffts in the category of most handsome dog.

Me and my new buddy Zeus

We registered and then went for a stroll around the stalls before the competition started. It was lovely and quiet and I got to meet loads of lovely new doggy friends, in fact a few times I lay down and tried to stay with my new friends but Mum didn’t think I’d get away with being a Tibetan Mastiff or Leonberger for the day! Finally 10 o’clock came and it was time to shine.

We were in a group with 20 other dogs of all shapes and sizes, we knew it would be impossible for the judge to chose a winner. The judge went round to meet all the dogs and talk to all the handlers first, getting to know a bit about each competitor (this took waaaaaaay too long, I nearly ate a whole pack of treats) and then we had to do a lap around the ring. Next to me was a gorgeous  sheltie x collie called Rum and we had a ball trying to play together and ignore our hoomans. Mum says I actually did great, I was pretty focused and even did a few of my tricks while we were waiting! Unfortunately we didn’t place but we still had so much fun, plus I had the rest of the day to meet new friends and buy lots of doggy goodies!

Check him and his Mum out at

The highlight of my day was meeting Winny (@winnythecorgi), one of our Instagram pals. He was just as awesome, as I’d imagined, and we got on like a house on fire! We went for a few rounds of boxing rather than posing for boring photos like our hoomans wanted! Eventually Mum dragged me away to go shopping (yawn!) but we met up again later for another boxing match and the hoomans eventually got their photo!

We also managed to take in some on the agility that was going on, well the hoomans did, I was relagated to the floor when I wouldn’t stop barking at the dogs competing. Oops. I the took the opportunity for a little power nap, after all Mum had promised I could go back to see Winnie.

Next it was time to spend Mummy’s money, mostly on yummy treats, but not before I had embarrassed her at a number of treat stalls by turning my nose up at their goodies. I don’t see what’s so embarrassing to be honest, I know what I like and I will not accept any sub-par products. I also got a drying coat from the fantastic people at Dog Robes, stocked up on shampoo from Animolgy and a cute little toy from Webbox.

All in all we had a pretty epic day, I got lots of fuss and attention from everyone (as if I didn’t already know how cute I am) and we have enough treats for the next year! Stay turned for some cheeky product reviews this week!

Happy face in the ring

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