Review: Dogrobes

You know the feeling, it’s a lovely, wet day and your hoomans are complaining about taking you out for a walk. Eventually they give in and layer up in their ridiculous “wet weather” gear and you’re off.  You know it’ll probably be a short walk, the hoomans don’t seem to appreciate the rain as much as us fluffy folk, so you set about getting as wet and muddy as you can in the time you are out, bonus points if you can also get some muddy footprints on your hoomans. Far too soon you get home and because you are “disgusting” you get relegated to the doggy room (this room can vary in location, for us it is the utility room) for a drying “”time-out”. They then proceed to leave you there until you are deemed dry and clean enough to come out, this can be up to two hours. They may leave you with a chew, don’t be fooled. This is to distract you from the injustice of the situation.

Enter Dogrobes. Billed as “practical dog drying coats that are perfect to use after outdoor adventures, swimming, training, bathing and working” I was sceptical. I am not a fan of wearing things, especially things that take away my glorious muddiness, but when my Mum decided she would buy me one at Discover Dogs (we tried on all the drying coat we could find before deciding) I decided to give it a fair trial. Initially I was unsure but over time I began to tolerate my Dogrobe. My hooman kept making me wear it in the house (when I wasn’t even wet) to help me “get used to it”. I was used to it, I was just reluctant to wear it when I clearly didn’t need drying!

Finally today, the day came, it was gloriously wet outside and it was time to see if my Dogrobe would prevent the excessive drying time-out on our return. As we arrived back from our all too short walk, I was greeted at the door with my robe. None of the usual rubbing down fiasco, just slipped on over my head and tied around my belly. No fuss, no problems. I could still move around freely but I couldn’t shake my lovely muddy wetness all over the room (Mum said this was a good thing but I’m not convinced). Half an hour later and the hooman was back. As she entered she remarked at the lack of the”wet dog” smell, honestly I was slightly disappointed at the lack of the “wet dog” aroma but that seemed to please her (yes I know, this just confirms how weird they are). In just half an hour I was back to my usual fluffy self, my whole body was totally dry and Mum says I didn’t smell at all! Obviously my legs and head were still a little soggy but we weren’t expecting miracles. I do also have to admit that it did take away the shivers that sometimes (Mum say always) occur when I get a little wet. I’m insisting it’s just excitement at how fantastically wet I am but Mum says its because I get cold. We can agree to disagree but my Dogrobe did keep me delightfully warm.

A note from Colin’s hooman: I was really impressed with this product from Dogrobes, for a very reasonable price (Colin wears an XS which at show price was £22) compared to other similar products on the market, it did exactly what it said on the tin and my very soggy little dog was a less soggy little dog in no time at all. It also stopped his excessive shivering (he is a little dog with very little body fat). Des and Eve may well find their own Dogrobes wrapped up under the Christmas tree this year!

Overall we give this fantastic product a 9/10 – if only Colin wouldn’t look so grumpy wearing it!

Get your pup their own Dogrobe today at we promise it will be a purchase you won’t regret!


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