Weekend at Grandma’s

On our way!

Friday marked the first day of half term (for those of you that don’t know my Mum is training to be a Primary school teacher, half term is week-long school holiday here in the UK) so we packed up our bags and headed back to Grandma’s for the holiday. Obviously Grandma and Grandpa were waiting with open arms to greet me, they pretend they don’t but I know they miss me when I’m gone. The best bit about going back is that Des and Eve live with them. Every time I go back they is a little bit of argy-bargy when I arrive, Des and Eve just like to remind me that I am at the bottom of the pecking order, but we soon settle down and it’s just like old times (we used to all live together before Mum and I moved out).

G+G’s house is still in the process of being renovated so on Friday evening (and most of Saturday) Mummy helped Grandpa with laying the new sitting room floor, I’m not sure how I feel about it yet. First off they wouldn’t let me help and secondly it is super slippy and I just can’t grip on it! This makes it extremely difficult to play chase around the centre of the house like we used too, don’t worry I’m sure we will find a way to adapt.

Wonderfully wet and muddy!

One of the best things about being back at Grandma’s is that we get to go for runs around the fields near her house, there are lots of good sniffs and we usually meet a doggy friend or two. When we walked on both Saturday and Sunday it was a little bit damp which was great fun until we got left in the utility room for hours after we got back to dry off (my hooman would like to point that it was an hour max and apparently we were “discusting”).

I do love being back at G+G’s, I love my own house too but it is much more fun when I have Des and Eve to play with all the time (even if they do try and steal my bed!). Even though we can be silly together and cause a bit (Mum says a lot) of chaos, our hoomans do love seeing us all together and how much I love my big brother and sister.  I am so excited to stay here all week! Stay tuned for more adventures!

Yes that is Des in MY bed!

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