Colin’s Top 5 Training Treats

pooch5. Pooch and Mutt Tubes
– these little bone shaped treats come in handy tubes which are great when you are on the go. They are fairly small (we still break them in half when we are training) and come in seven different flavours. The flavours can be a bit hit and miss but Colin is a big fan of Brain and Train and Fresh Breath. These are a good basic training treat but I would not consider them to be high value. If there are any distractions these are not reliable but they are great for training at home. They are at the higher end of the price scale at about £2.99 retail price for a 125g tube.

ha4. Harringtons Training Treats – heart shaped training treats, liver flavoured and semi-moist. These are quite large for training treats so we usually break them into smaller pieces when doing longer training sessions, we use them whole as a recall reward when out walking.  They are a fairly high value treat but they can get boring if used too frequently so we would recommend using them alongside another treat. They come in 160g bags which retail for about £2 which we think is pretty good value for money.

feelweels3. Feelwells Training Treats – little heart shaped training treats available in cheesy, liver and grain-free chicken varieties and Colin loves all three which is very rare considering how fussy he is! We have been using these treats since he was a tiny pup, they are semi-moist and easy to break up which is great for little dogs and puppies. The bags aren’t great for putting in your pocket so you do need a treat bag (or sandwich bag) to decant into. For £1.79 retail price for a 115g bag we think these treats are also good value for money!

Picture12. Mr Goodlad’s “Love Bites” – for us these are the best commercially made training treats on the market. They are tiny bone shaped treats, perfect size for training, and you get a variety of flavours in each pack, chicken, beef and lamb. We first discovered these at The London Pet show in May and are still only on our second pot, they do seem to last a very long time! For us they are a high value treat and due to the mixture of flavours they do not get boring. They are also nice and firm so do not crumble in your pocket! These are great value at just £2.99 for a 300g tub or £1.49 for a 100g bag.

1.Dried liver/cheese/hot dog pieces/chicken – for us the best training treats are human foods (with the exception of the dried liver). We are yet to find a commercially produced training treat that has the same value to our dogs as cubes of cheese (use a mild cheddar) or little pieces of chicken or hot dogs. The dried liver is also a very high value treat, we buy this in squares (which can easily be ripped into small pieces) from our local pet wholesaler. Although they are not as convenient as a bag of training treats, they do take a little preparation and sometimes there is just not enough time in the day, they are certainly  number one in our books! For Colin a mixture of any of these four treats is the best way to achieve a focused training session. 

So there you have it, our top five training treats. We have not been sponsored or endorsed by any of these companies, these are just our opinions on some of the training treats available on the market. If you know of any other training treats that Colin might enjoy please do let us know!


To purchase any of our top 5 training treats please click on the links below:







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