Christmas Photo Shoot

Last year’s photo

This weekend was a big one. After last years adorable (if I do say so myself) Christmas card Grandma decided we should do another one this year. Except she wanted all three of us in it. The three of us, in the same place, at the same time, all looking at the camera. Yeah right.

12189055_1052888518076108_609476102824422809_nOur lovely friend Charlotte from Made for Mutts did us a rush order on some Christmas neckerchiefs for us, only 3 days from ordering to arriving, and the challenge was set. The first challenge was to keep us all clean long enough to actually take a photo. Not easy when Des is white, Eve likes to go burrowing in hedgerows and I am a dirt magnet. Especially my little white feet. I prefer them when I’m modelling mud boots. Saturday morning the scene was set. Fireplace cleaned, festive sprigs of holly cut from the bush and artistically placed with logs in fireplace and neckerchiefs on. And here’s where is all started to go wrong. Every self respecting dog knows that it is not acceptable for hoomans to expect you to do as they say before a morning walk. It’s the rules. Needless to say no amount of treats, squeaky noises, strange movements or chants of “who wants dinner” were keeping all three of us still. No way, no how. Mum did get a few decent photos but unfortunate not one of all three of us. The hoomans, in their infinite wisdom, decided they would try again after a walk.

Take two. Walk done, time drying off in the utility room served, it was time to try again. Neckerchiefs were back on, top knots and ears were fluffed back up and the treat supplies were restocked. I guess we must’ve been feeling slightly more cooperative but the hoomans were still finding it hard to get us all to look at the camera. Well when there are two hoomans in the room you don’t know who has the treeats! It was all very confusing. Of course I kept my eyes focused on Mum (I know she always has the best treats) but Des and Eve kept looking at Grandma, or anywhere that wasn’t the camera actually. Finally the hoomans gave up, or so we thought. Grandma went for a shower and we thought we were off the hook. But oh no, Mum wanted to have one more go. Unsuprisingly with less distractions everyone was a tad more focused on the camera, and the huge bag of treats that were behind it! About a hundred photos later, I kid you not, Mum finally decided she was done. About time, I know. Enjoy some of the unedited out-takes, final card design will be revealed closer to the day itself!

If you like our neckerchiefs check out for gorgeous, high-quality pet accessories!

IMG_4839 IMG_4762 IMG_4895 IMG_4933 IMG_4729


One thought on “Christmas Photo Shoot

  1. Hey Colin! Hi Eve! Hi Des! I didn’t know you all had your own blog…this is so exciting! This is…you may have guessed…Wesley of the Instagram account! Love your Christmas pictures, even not all looking at the camera you all look so great!

    Anyway now that I know you’ve got a blog, I’ll add your blog to my sidebar on my blog so I don’t miss any updates!

    Liked by 1 person

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