Review: The Pet Deli

With my delivery.
This week our package from The Pet Deli arrived and I could not have been more excited. We have ordered from them before and have always been thrilled by their products and we were not disappointed this time! For anyone that doesn’t know about The Pet Deli (and if you don’t why not?!) they are a lovely family-run online pet food store who offer their fellow pet owners (they have an adorable husky called Maya) a real alternative to mass-produced, processed and artificially enhanced pet foods. At The Pet Deli they are passionate about natural feeding and the life-long benefits of feeding our pest a biologically appropriate diet. We received five products from them this time so lets see how they stack up!

First up are Veni-dog, Pure Venison Special Treats (RRP £2.76) and this is possibly our easiest review EVER. I will pretty much do anything for these treats, they are my #1 favourite treats of all time. They are 100% pure British venison meat, naturally air-dried, hypo-allergenic and gluten-free so suitable for dogs with intolerances. Not a training treat as they take a while to chew but great as a high value reward! It was love at first sniff when our first bag arrived many months ago and as a bonus the bags seem to last ages!  It’s a never-before-seen 10/10 from us!

Up next are baked treats from Alfie and Molly in Hearty Beef Squares and Lamb Buttons (RRP £2.99). These smelt great as soon as Mum managed to get the packet open (you get two vacuum packed packs per box). They smelt more like hooman food than dog treats, which I loved, and Mum nearly sampled them herself! Again these are hypo-allergenic, wheat, gluten and grain free with no added colours, flavours, preservatives or sugar and salt (yes there is a theme here, all of The Pet Deli’s treats are super healthy). The only major down side to these treats, according to my Mum, is that they only last 7 days once open. Not sure how that is a problem personally. Again these are quite big so more of a high value treat than a training treat. I preferred the beef flavour to the lamb which I wasn’t totally sold on, but that’s just me. These come in 10 different flavours in total – can’t wait to try them all! It’s a 8/10 from us!

Next for the taste test were Pure Meaty Sweeties in Chicken and Coconut (RRP £5.99). We were apprehensive, I historically reject anything with any kind of fruit in, I guess I’m fussy like that. These were billed as a healthy low calorie treat made with nothing but fresh human grade ingredients with a consistency not too tough, but not too crumbly. Obviously they are super healthy, grain free, gluten free, naturally dehydrated and high in protein. They also contain coconut oil which is shown to improve skin and coat condition, prevent infections and promote a healthy metabolism. We were pleasantly surprised. Not only did I take the Meaty Sweetie from Mum, I actually came back for another (although I did reject the second…). These were a pretty good treat but I wasn’t crazy about them, maybe I’ll share them with Des and Eve when we next go to Grandma’s. It’s 6/10 from us.

Finally were Beautiful Joe’s Ethical Liver Dog Treats (RRP £4 but £2 right now on The Pet Deli website!). These were the surprise of the week for us! We ordered them as they were on sale and we thought we would give them a go, I do usually like liver treats after all! This small producer is extremely picky about where their meat comes from, all free-range and all 100% British meat. One of their primary concern’s is farm animal welfare and they visit all their producers to make sure that they care about this as much as they do. Beautiful Joe’s don’t add anything to their  treats and are produced in their own drying rooms in Pewsey, Wiltshire. Every time you buy a packet of Beautiful Joe’s, they give a packet to a rescue centre. They also donate 1% of their sales to Compassion in World Farming. They come in 50g packets with pieces in a variety of sizes in, some are the perfect little size for training treats and the bigger ones need a bit more of a chomp! It’s a 9/10 from us!

Overall we loved our package from The Pet Deli and will certainly be going back again (and again… and again…) to stock up on great, healthy treats from a fantastic supplier (oh and did we mention their packaging is fab!).

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