Review: Toys from Barks and Bunnies

Unfortunately for me, my hooman largely restrained herself on Black Friday last week, but luckily the sale over at Barks and Bunnies was just too good to miss! She ordered me 5 news toys (and a back up collar) for just over £10! We thought we would just share some quick thoughts of our purchases and of the service provided by Barks and Bunnies.

Firstly the speed of delivery was amazing, we ordered on Friday (duh?!) and our box of goodies arrived on Monday! Great delivery time especially considering they were super busy with their sale! Obviously I was super keen to get into my box, especially as at Barks and Bunnies they send all their products in a forage box which is a toy in itself! The idea is that you take out all your items place treats in the hay used to pack the box, this was right up my street – it actually too Mum quite a lot of effort to get me away from it to play with my new toys!

On to the toys. On our purchase list were: Rogz Grinz Ball (£1.80, RRP £5.99), JW Arachnoid Ball (£1.10, RRP £5.79), Retreads Hippo (£3.00, RRP £14.99), Gor Pets TNT Stick (£0.60, RRP £5.95) and a JW Hol-ee Roller (£0.80, RRP £5.99). As you can see we got some great toys for an even better prices, a full blown review for ever toy would mean an essay from my hooman so we will just give you a quick run down of our favourites.

 Number one of my new toys, from my perspective, has to be the Hol-ee roller ball! It’s a great interactive toy, great to play fetch and tug with at the same time! It’s also super light so great to practise catching in mid-air! I also can’t get enough of my new TNT stick, this was too replace my old one which ended up slightly destroyed… As predicted it was still a firm favourite with me.

My hooman’s favourite is the Grinz Ball, apparently it looks funny when I pick it up 😏. It also has a hole in the back of the ball which can be filled with treats, win-win situation! My hooman also loved the hippo toy, made of super durable rubber she reckons it might take me a while to destroy! It also has a slot in which hoomans can put treats – something to keep me entertained while she leaves me goes to work (rude, I know. Hoomans should take their furry children with them at all times).

Overall we were very impressed with our order from Barks and Bunnies, we got lots of great toys for an even better price and they arrived in a fantastic forage box (standard delivery box from B&B). The box also contained a lovely handwritten note to me which was a very sweet touch and a voucher for money off our next shop with them! Not only did we receive a great service but they also regularly donate to animal charities and are extremely ethically aware! We will definitely be shopping with Bark and Bunnies again!


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