New arrival! 

We’ve been quiet on the blogging front for a while, the end of the Autunm Term at school was manic for Mum, then our human family went skiing for two week, then the Spring Term started. Phew. But our exciting news is that we have a new addition, meet Rhapsody!

Rhapsody is a brown and tan phantom miniature poodle, we adopted her from Sabrina Green, the breeder from whom we got Colin. She had three litters of puppies and Sabrina decided to retire her and find her her own home where she could enjoy a peaceful life with her own forever family. We picked her up on the first Sunday of the year and honestly it’s hard to remember what it was like without her already. She is a gorgeous little dog with a giant personality, she loves to cuddle and sleep on any available lap but she also has a crazy, playful side! Colin absolutely adores his new sister, she loves him too but still prefers human attention but when we come home they are usually curled up on one bed together! She has settled in remarkably well, she has shown no signs of any stress or anixiety and has taken to the easy life like a duck to water. Her favourite thing is definitely sleeping on my bed with Colin and I, followed closely by snuggles on the sofa, she just loves being spoilt. She is a teeny, tiny girl at only just over 5 kilos and we are enjoying having a little princess to accessorise – cue lots of pink and purple!

That’s it from us for now but stay tuned for an accessory review; the collection is ever growing!

Bandanas in photos from Ruff Hound Outfitters



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