Collars, Bandanas and Bow Ties: Part 1

Since little Miss Rhapsody arrived our accessory collection seems to be growing rapidly so we thought we’d share our thoughts on the various products that we have acquired in the last few weeks.

Let’s get started with Rhapsody’s new collars, one from Duke loves Fergie and one from Made for Mutts. First up is the gorgeous pink leather collar from Duke loves Fergie, this was sent to us as a result of a competition they were running on Instgram and we were thrilled when they said they wanted to send us one of their collars from their City Collection. It is a beautiful hot pink leather with gold coloured hardware and a Duke loves Fergie branded tag, it is so soft and we love that is was handmade right here in the UK. Their city collection is very reasonably priced at £10 for a size S and £15 for a M/L and they are offering free shipping for the whole of January, what a bonus! We would definitely recommend their City Collection collars to anyone, we are so in love with it that we want to order Colin a matching one!

Next up is her collar from Made for Mutts, we were presented with the problem that Rhapsody has a particularly small head and can slip her collar, obviously if she spooks we don’t want this happening so we went on a search for a little martingale for her. When we couldn’t find one anywhere we turned to the lovely Charlotte at MFM to see if she would be able to make a custom collar for us and thankfully she said yes! She made us the perfect little collar for her and for only £7.55! Fantastic value and made to your exact specifications – what more could you want! We have had other products for MFM before and have never been disappointed – their market night on the 31st Jan could be dangerous for my bank balance!

Ok so on to the bandanas and bow ties! First up are bandanas and bow ties from Ruff Hound Outfitters, we bought these a while ago in their market night sale and we’ve been dying to show them off ever since! Rhapsody has two little bandanas, one of which has tiny elephants on it (Colin has a matching elephant one 😁) and the other is their ‘Paradise Birds’ bandana. All three and gorgeous and fantastically made, and at market sale price an absolute bargain! Their regular prices start at £5.00 for an XS up to £8.50 for an XL and you can have them personilsed for an extra £2.50. Colin’s bow tie is also gorgeous, it’s one of my favourites (and he’s got a fairly large collection over here!) they start at £4.00 for their basic design (in a size S) up to £10.95 for their high end Harris Tweed bow tie (in a size L). We love that all their products are handmade in the UK, they have a gorgeous range of fabrics for collars and accessories and hand dyed rope leads all for very reasonable prices.

If you’ve made it this far you’re doing well, we still have two more companies to go and you won’t be disappointed! Up next are the gorgeous bow ties Colin won in a competition on Instagram from an American company called Snap-in Dog Bows. We were very excited to choose our prize, which was no small feat considering they have literally dozens to choose from, and ended up deciding on ‘Kalidascope’ and ‘The Professeur’ and we were not disappointed! They are just adorable and have a fabulous snap attachment system which makes them really easy to get on and off. Their prices start at £5.08 for a size S up to £7.26 for an XL, unfortunately they are a US company so shipping is quite expensive. 

Ok final review. If you made it this far I really do congratulate you. Last but not least are our bandanas from Four Legged Fabrics. Another American company, we won a discount code in a competition they were running on Instagram and thought it would be rude not to use it! Colin got ‘Tantalising Teal’ and’Daisy Dreams’ and Rhapsody got a cute pink tie-dye pattern. The fabrics are fantastic, gorgeous patterns and they look adorable. Rhapsody’s is a little big for her but we solved this by just folding it over a few times. Their bandanas start at £5.08 for a size XS up to £7.99 for an XL, if you’re quick you might even pick up some in the sale for as little as £3.05! Even though they are also a US company they only charge £3.99 for shipping which we think is pretty good!

So there you have it! A review of all our latest accessories – head over to our Instagram to see more cute pictures of Colin and Rhapsody modelling them!


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