Review: Animology Shampoos


Everyone knows the story, you take your hoomans out for a walk and before you know it they start muttering. Something about you being filthy. And needing a bath. Your mission, should you chose to accept it, is to get as muddy as possible before that dreaded bath. Bonus points if you can roll in poo. They love that stuff, it’s like cat nip to them. Fox poo especially. Luckily for us it’s a hard smell to get rid of, it usually lingers for a good few days after a bath, l’eau du fox poo I like to call it, but the hoomans like to impose what is known as a ‘cuddle ban’. In steps Animology’s Fox Poo shampoo. And we’re in trouble. This stuff is witch craft.  Just one wash and it’s gone, in a particularly well caked-in case it might take two washes but you need to be an expert roller for that. The hoomans think it is the best thing since sliced bread. No more stink and my coat is soft and fluffy. Win-win apparently, for them anyway. So it’s a big thumbs up from my hooman and I guess I don’t mind it. It does mean the cuddle ban ends.



Unlike Colin I do not have a strong affinity for fox poo. I do however like to look my best as all time, this hair does not look after itself and I do ocassinally get a little, teeny, weeny bit mucky. It takes lots of brushing, fluffing and trimming so of course I need a top notch shampoo.  Enter Animology’s Hair of The Dog. It’s an anti-tangle shampoo that removes knots and tangles from my coat, leaving it silky, healthy, and free of tangles. It contains no strong chemicals so it’s nice and gentle on my skin, has a lovely mild scent and my hair is silky soft afterwards, even more so than usual. We love this shampoo from Animology, gentle yet effective.


The shampoo I trialled this week is Animology’s White Wash shampoo, this shampoo has rave reviews from pet owners and competitive groomers alike. White Wash is a mild shampoo that reduces risk of skin irritation as many dogs with white hait suffer from sensitive skin, as I do. Apparently I was staring to look more dirty brown than white so the hoomans decided to put this shampoo to the test! And we were impressed. Surprisingly so. The hoomans have tried whitening shampoos before but none have worked but wow was I white again after my bath! I looked and smelt great. If I do say so myself.  Let’s see how long it lasts with the current British weather!

Human opinion (not that their opinions really count)

We were very impressed with all of these shampoos from Animology, they all did exactly what they said on the tin and all smelt great! They aren’t the cheapest shampoos on the market with an RRP of £4.99 (we bought them at the show price of 3 for £10 at Discover Dogs) but they are definitely worth the price. Cheap shampoos just do not give you the same results, trust us we’ve tried them all. Hopefully next time we will trial the Back to Black shampoo on Eve and see how that works out! They also do a number of other products including other shampoos, conditioners and sprays, we can’t wait to try them all!

Overall we give all three products a 9/10, the only down side is that they run out too quickly but despite this we are totally animologists!

This review is entirely based on our honest opinion of of the products. We were in no way sponsored or endorsed by Animolgy and bought these products ourselves to try out and review.


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