Raw Feeding Project

We are super excited to announce our first major project. The aim is to compare the raw dog food avaliable from different suppliers in the UK and hopefully find the best complete raw food for our pooches. I decided to start this project as I have found that many people would like to fed raw or are interested by raw feeding but don’t know where to start or where to source their food from. Hopefully we will find the best source of a complete raw dog food and be able to share our finding with you! Of course these will just be our opinions and every dog is different but by posting our honest thoughts and photos of the products we receive we hope we can help encourage people to take the leap of faith and start feeding raw!

We will rate each supplier in a number of categories which will hopefully keep consitancy across all the reviews. We will aim to feed food from all suppliers for two weeks to give them all a fair run.

Our categories will be;

  • Pup appeal: how much Colin and Rhapsody liked the food (Out of 10)
  • Poop rating: what it says on the tin, how good their poop is! (Out of 5)
  • Packaging rating: how easy the food is to use and store (Out of 5)
  • Price: value for money (Out of 10)
  • Quality: quality of the mince (sloppy vs chunky) amount of meat on bones (Out of 10)
  • Variety of products (Out of 5)
  • Delivery and ordering: ease of ordering and quality of the delivery (Out of 5)

This will give all our suppliers a total score out of 50. This will be accompanied by our comments for each category and some photos of the products (and of course the pups) at the end of each two week trial period.

Our trial order (so far) will be as follows:

  • Natural Dogs Direct
  • Wolf Tucker
  • Natures Menu
  • Nutriment
  • Natural Instinct

We are hoping this list will grow, we will update it as we get more suppliers on board. At the end of the project we will compile all the data we have gathered and hopefully will be able to tell you which supplier came out on top! As I said before we are trying to make this as scientific as possible but at the end of the day it will be based purely on our opinions! IMG_4517


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