February 2016: photos of the month. 

We have decided to do a monthly post with our favourite photos from that month. Here’s our first instalment; February 2016

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Review: Devoted Dog Food

As many of you know Colin and Rhapsody are raw fed so this review is a bit unusual for us. This review is for Devoted, a super premium kibble, which we have recently changed Desmond and Eve on to. The team from Devoted got in touch asking if we would like to try a sample of their food and we figured we had nothing to lose, especially as they have been known to go off their kibble (and we’ve tried all the ‘premium’ brands).

Devoted make three different flavours of food; Free Run Chicken, Scottish Salmon and Duck with Trout. Des and Eve were lucky enough to be able to try all three before we committed changing them over to a new food. As they can be a little bit fussy we were pleasentely surprised that they actually liked all three, us humans we were slightly put off by the strong fishy smell that the salmon food omits, which of course the dogs loved, but that is one of the only faults we could find. Des and Eve are usually fairly lazy eaters, their breakfast was often still in their bowls when we went to give them dinner with previous brands, however with Devoted they cannot empty their bowls enough! We also had no funny tummies when we swaped them over, or when we swapped between flavours, which is always pleasant surprise.

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Collars, Bandanas and Bow Ties: Part 3

Hope everyone’s ready because it’s time for another edition of Collars, Bandanas and Bow Ties and we have some truly gorgeous accessories to share with you this week. We have collars and bows from Bramble and Friends, hand-stamped dog tags from Dogs Best Trend and a bandana from Zukie Style.

First up are collars and bows from Bramble and Friends, B&F is a run by a lovely lady called Tamsyn (and her gorgeous Boston Terriers) based in Scotland. They hand-make collars, leads and bows using high quality materials including hand dyed rope collars and leads as well as genuine Harris Tweed accessories. We ordered a collar with a matching bow for both Colin and Rhapsody, after all every respectable country lady and gentleman needs some tweed in their wardrobes! Our collars were custom orders,we decided on Harris Tweed collars with a contrast lining. Rhapsody’s is dark pink tweed with a dark blue floral lining, Colin’s is turquoise tweed with pale blue floral lining and they both have matching tweed bows. These accessories are not cheap, they are true luxury items and are made to the highest possible standard using the best quality materials. Their Harris Tweed collection starts at £20.00, their hand dyed cotton rope items start at £14.00. Luckily for our international readers, B&F ships worldwide, you will not find genuine Harris Tweed dog accessories from Scotland for a better price!

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Review: Whimzees Dog Chews

As many of you know we are always on the look out for new, tasty but healthy treats and this week all four of our pups were lucky enough to try out some chews from Whimzees. Whimzees is an international company based in Holland who strive to bring the best, healthiest and most-fun dog products to the world in a sustainable and socially-responsible way. They says that they are “a company of dog-lovers, people-lovers and Earth-lovers”; what’s not to love! They are committed to producing high quality products, at great value to their customers whilst taking the environmental responsibility very seriously. They only produce dog chews, which in our opinion, is why they are so great. Their sole focus is their chews and that shows in the quality of their products.

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Raw Review: Natural Dogs Direct

Before we start this review we would firstly like to thank all the suppliers that have got on board with this project. The aim is to help show people that raw feeding can be an easy and inexpensive alternative to kibble and to encourage people to make the change to raw. We would not be able to do this without your support, so thank you.  Secondly we would like to say that we realise that there are people who do not support this project. We understand that and everyone has a right to their own opinions. This is just our opinion and our only aim is to promote raw feeding and help people choose the right supplier for them, if you have a problem then please just don’t read our reviews. With that covered on to our first supplier: Natural Dogs Direct.

NDD is a small, family run business based in Staffordshire UK. It is run by a husband and wife team, Sureyya and Efdal, who run the whole NDD operation as well as looking after their two little girls and chief tasters, Kaiser the doberman and Pug. They are working very hard behind the scenes to make NDD the best in raw feeds and we certainly think that they are well on their way! They work out of an industrial unit in Burton-on-Trent in East Staffordshire and all their products that are used in the production of their products are sourced from local human grade meat suppliers in the local area. They have ensured that all the statutory standards required for the production of pet foods (DEFRA/AHVLA – 37/009/8009 ABP/PTF GB286R3013) have been met and approved. Their philosophy is that “Your pets are just as important as your children and deserve a healthy and nutritional diet” and we wholeheartedly agree with them.

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Review: Petz Bedz

So just before Christmas we won a competition on Facebook for a handmade bed from a company called Petz Bedz. We had just come across them by chance and thought why not? Imagine our surprise when we actually won! Ian, the man behind Petz Bedz, for in contact with us to make us a bespoke ‘Hugo’ style bed. He went through all the colour choices with us, of which there are many, and we settled for a lamp room grey bed with a grey memory foam mattress. As Ian makes all his beds by hand at his house we had an anxious wait for our bed to arrive, when it finally did (I say finally, it was only just over two weeks and it was during the Christmas rush!) we are just overwhelmed by how beautiful it was. Meticulously handmade, every piece of wood shaped perfectly to form the most beautiful dog bed we’ve ever seen, Mum even offered to swap with me! Of course at this point I was an only pup but Ian was kind enough to make the bed big enough for two. The raised Hugo style that we have starts at £55 for the smallest size all the way up to £145 for an extra large, while this seems like a lot of money for a dog bed they really are extrodinary pieces of furniture. The craftsmanship is amazing and one of these beds would probably last your pets entire life, possibly even longer, unlike your average £20 cheapie bed that lasts 6 months!

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