Review: Petz Bedz

So just before Christmas we won a competition on Facebook for a handmade bed from a company called Petz Bedz. We had just come across them by chance and thought why not? Imagine our surprise when we actually won! Ian, the man behind Petz Bedz, for in contact with us to make us a bespoke ‘Hugo’ style bed. He went through all the colour choices with us, of which there are many, and we settled for a lamp room grey bed with a grey memory foam mattress. As Ian makes all his beds by hand at his house we had an anxious wait for our bed to arrive, when it finally did (I say finally, it was only just over two weeks and it was during the Christmas rush!) we are just overwhelmed by how beautiful it was. Meticulously handmade, every piece of wood shaped perfectly to form the most beautiful dog bed we’ve ever seen, Mum even offered to swap with me! Of course at this point I was an only pup but Ian was kind enough to make the bed big enough for two. The raised Hugo style that we have starts at £55 for the smallest size all the way up to £145 for an extra large, while this seems like a lot of money for a dog bed they really are extrodinary pieces of furniture. The craftsmanship is amazing and one of these beds would probably last your pets entire life, possibly even longer, unlike your average £20 cheapie bed that lasts 6 months!

 They also do ‘Oscar’ style, four poster beds, bunk beds, camper van beds, faux fur throws and toy boxes, all of which are gorgeoes.

We absolutely adore this bed, it is an investment piece of furtintue just like a sofa or dining room table but the high quality and pure beauty of our Petz Bedz would lead us to recommend them to anyone who wanted to really splash out and spoil their pampered pooch!  You can also get your bed personalised with your dogs names on your bed for no extra charge.


Find them online at , on Facebook under PetzBedz or on Instagram @petzbedz_


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