Review: Whimzees Dog Chews

As many of you know we are always on the look out for new, tasty but healthy treats and this week all four of our pups were lucky enough to try out some chews from Whimzees. Whimzees is an international company based in Holland who strive to bring the best, healthiest and most-fun dog products to the world in a sustainable and socially-responsible way. They says that they are “a company of dog-lovers, people-lovers and Earth-lovers”; what’s not to love! They are committed to producing high quality products, at great value to their customers whilst taking the environmental responsibility very seriously. They only produce dog chews, which in our opinion, is why they are so great. Their sole focus is their chews and that shows in the quality of their products.

Whimzees chews are made with gluten-free, vegetarian ingredients; potato starch, glycerin, powdered cellulose, lecithin, malt extract and yeast. There are no hidden nasties or chemicals, Whimzees are totally transparent about the ingredients in their chews. They also use all-natural colourants to colour their chews; alfalfa extract for green, annatto for orange and malt for brown. Not only are the chews healthy, some of them are also super cute (we love the hedgehogs and the alligators) but do not be fooled, the cute designs also have a functional purpose as dental chews.  Whimzees produce chews in a variety of shapes and sizes, there really is a chew for every dog! Below is the size chart for all Whimzees chews and luckily we cover most of the sizes; Rhapsody is XS, Colin is S, Eve is L and Desmond just about hits XL. The pups were extremely eager to get stuck in, first up were the toothbrush chews and we were not disappointed. All four loved their chews, Colin and Rhapsody finished theirs rather quickly (probably because they are used to eating raw bones) but they lasted a good half an hour for Des and Eve. We have now tried all the shapes and have found that thankfully most last substantially longer, if you have strong chewers we highly recommend the alligators and hedgehogs. Whimzees are great for when our four decide to act nutty, they all get a chew and by the time they’ve finished everyone has calmed down, this is a big accomplishment in our house – shame they can only have one chew per day!

To buy Whimzees in your local pet store in the UK is not cheap, chews range from £0.20 for the smallest chews up to £2.99 for the extra large chews however, when bought in bulk online (or in some shops) they become much more affordable. We found a number of online stores selling Whimzees chews in small packs, the number of chews in the pack is dependant on size (£7.99 in Pets At Home online and in store; £7.22 at online retailers) and also in larger boxes from a number of online retailers including Pets At Home and Amazon. While these prices may seem on the high end for dogs chews when compared to those produced for the mass market, when you compare them to other chews with similar natural, high quality ingredients and dental benefits, Whimzees are some of the best value available. Our dogs love their Whimzees and the whole family loves the peace and quiet while they enjoy them!

Overall is a fabulous 9/10 from us, it’s just a shame the peace and quiet can’t last even longer! 


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