Collars, Bandanas and Bow Ties: Part 3

Hope everyone’s ready because it’s time for another edition of Collars, Bandanas and Bow Ties and we have some truly gorgeous accessories to share with you this week. We have collars and bows from Bramble and Friends, hand-stamped dog tags from Dogs Best Trend and a bandana from Zukie Style.

First up are collars and bows from Bramble and Friends, B&F is a run by a lovely lady called Tamsyn (and her gorgeous Boston Terriers) based in Scotland. They hand-make collars, leads and bows using high quality materials including hand dyed rope collars and leads as well as genuine Harris Tweed accessories. We ordered a collar with a matching bow for both Colin and Rhapsody, after all every respectable country lady and gentleman needs some tweed in their wardrobes! Our collars were custom orders,we decided on Harris Tweed collars with a contrast lining. Rhapsody’s is dark pink tweed with a dark blue floral lining, Colin’s is turquoise tweed with pale blue floral lining and they both have matching tweed bows. These accessories are not cheap, they are true luxury items and are made to the highest possible standard using the best quality materials. Their Harris Tweed collection starts at £20.00, their hand dyed cotton rope items start at £14.00. Luckily for our international readers, B&F ships worldwide, you will not find genuine Harris Tweed dog accessories from Scotland for a better price!

Next up are our new tags from Dogs Best Trend, we won one in a give-away that was run on their Instagram page and since I couldn’t decide who should have it we ordered another one. Dogs Best Trend makes dog tags in aluminium, copper and brass and they are all hand stamped which give a gorgeous handmade look. We have their original design with the dogs’ initials stamped in the middle and their names and my phone number around the edge, they have also recently added a number of new designs to their Etsy shop, go take a look!  They are more expensive that your standard dog tag, ranging from £8.60 to £9.30 but you are paying for a premium product and they are simply gorgeous.

Finally is our bandana from Zukie Style, this is a very special one for us as it has Rhapsody’s silhouette printed on the material! As we were the first ones to request a poodle bandana Diane used her picture to create the fabric and it looks great. We are in the process of trying to get a side profile picture of Rhapsody that shows her tail to improve the silhouette for the next batch of material but it is proving easier said that done as the little monkey tucks her tail when she is excited! For just £5 this is a truly unique bandana and we can’t wait to see how amazing it will look once we supply Diane with a better picture. Zukie style also make cushions and toys using their various breed silhouette materials and various other gorgeous and personalizable accessories at great prices.


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