Review: Pingy Paws Onsie and Coat

Pingy Paws is a small company, run by Karen and Zoe, who make and sell a wide variety of handmade items for our four legged friends. They provide a wide variety of products, majority of which are handmade and personalised to you or your dog. They started company through being a part of an agility club, when they found that the agility world provides a range of toys for dogs that you just do not see in your standard pet shops. All their toys and dog apparel are individually made and have been given the paw of approval by their own dogs. Karen and Zoe ensure that all products are made to the highest standard, we were particularly interested in Pingy Paws as they can custom make all their coats and onesies which is great for dogs like Rhapsody who are just the wrong shape for standard sizing.

The first item we ordered was a little onesie. We had noticed that Rhapsody was getting very cold when we got back from walks or when she went out in the garden, she’s just so little that she doesn’t hold her body heat very well. We came across Pingy Paws on Etsy, we were impressed with their custom made fleecy onesies for such reasonable prices and in so many different colours of fleece. We ordered a purple onesie with star patterned fleece around the neck and ankles, Pingy Paws are happy to make their apparel in any colour/combinations you can imagine! We then sent Pingy Paws Rhapsody’s measurements, everything from her back length to the distance between her from legs, this allowed them to make her onsie to exactly the right size. It arrived under two weeks later and we were very impressed, it is beautifully made to our exact specification. It is absolutely adorable and it fits perfectly, no more shivering in the cold! Their made to measure onsies start at just £12.50 on their website, if your dog is a more regular size their standard sized onesies start at just £6. When you consider other similar products on the market, I’m sure you will agree that they are phenomenal value for money. 

 Pingy Paws also make jumpers, dressing gowns, hoodies, jackets, snow suits, light weight waterproof jackets and fleece lined waterproof jackets in a staggering array of colours and patterns. Since the onesie was such a hit we decided to order Rhapsody a fleece lined waterproof coat as well, she really is not a fan of getting wet. We ordered a purple coat with a star patterned lining, we felt that we should stick with the colour scheme. The coat arrived even quicker than the onesie and it is every bit as beautifully made and adorable. Again it fits perfectly and it is totally waterproof, it even has a section under her chest to keep her warm, not just a strap like most dog coats you see. Their made to measure coats start at £18, standard sizes start at just £10, whichever you order you are getting a fantastic coat for a great price. 

 Pingy Paws also have a number of other items on their website, our favourite is Stockbull treats, which are a bargain at £1.50! We had some when Colin was a puppy, they were his all time favourites but we have not been able to find them since so we are very excited that Pingy Paws stocks them. They also do other treats, leads, bandanas and various toys (we have a fleece ball which is great for indoor fetch) all at a great price. We have been suitably impressed by our products from Pingy Paws and would not hesitate to order from them again, in fact we will be recommending them to anyone that will listen!








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