Review: The Pet Pantry

We first discovered The Pet Pantry at The National Pet Show in London last year, it is run by the lovely Toni who, at just 25, has owned The Pet Pantry since 2013. They stock all kinds of high quality products for dogs, cats, small animals and birds. Toni also donates to local animal charities which we love, she sent a very generous donation to our collection for Poodles in Need last summer which was much appreciated. When Toni got in touch and asked if we would like to try out some of their new treats we jumped at the chance! The Pet Pantry only stock naturally delicious treats, with all the controversy around jerky treats at the moment we were keen to review some great treats that are definitely safe for our pups, all the products in this review are made using meat from within the EU. We received four packs of Anco Naturals treats, two pots of FarmFood Trainers and two packs of JR Products Sticks. Now over to Colin and Rhapsody for the reviews.


First up are the Anco Naturals dried meat treats. We tried the Deer Meat (£2.99), Chicken iN Chips (£1.69), Wild Boar (£2.99) and Bully Jerky (not currently listed on their website) and, no surprise, we liked them all. Mum said they were a bit stinky and can make a bit of a mess, this just made us like them ever more! The size of the pieces of dried meat in the packs does vary, some bits are large enough to chew for at least ten minutes, others are small enough to use as training treats. Our favourite varieties were the Deer Meat and Wild Boar, we just could not get enough, I even jumped up on the kitchen counter to try and steal the whole bag of Deer Meat (note to self; humans do not like it at all when you do that). We really enjoyed our Naturals treats, best of all they are great value for money and are totally safe for us to eat, which is reassuring given all the horror stories in the news about Chinese sourced meat. We give them a score of 8/10, not too shabby!

Next we tried the FarmFood Training treats. We received both the venison and beef heart varieties, at £3.99 for a 80-90g pot, they are at the high end of the price range for training treats. However, due to the small size of the individual treats combined with Mum only using them sparingly as a high value treat, the pots last a surprisingly long amount of time.  The price is reflected in the high quality of the treats; they are 100% dried heart with no nasties added which makes them very healthy and suitable for all pups. We loved both varieties but if we had to pick we preferred the venison. The pot is reusable, small enough to put in a coat pocket or bag and the treats themselves are perfect for a quick rewards when training, we used them this week at agility and  I could not get across that dog walk quick enough! It’s a 9/10 from us for FarmFood training treats.

Finally we have the JR Products Kangaroo and Rabbit Sticks (£1.99 per pack). Again these treats are super healthy and made from 100% meat, no added nasties and low in fat. First we tried out the Kangaroo sticks and they were great, the only issue we had with them is that they don’t last very long! They are kind of in between a treat and a chew; too big for a quick reward but too small for a lengthy chew. We all enjoyed both the Kangaroo and Rabbit Sticks, Mum made us share them with Des and Eve, but they didn’t last long enough for the desired calming effect of a chew. For the Rabbit Sticks, instead of feeding them whole Mum decided to chop them up into smaller pieces to use as training treats. You get about ten sticks in a pack which don’t last long at all if you feed them as they are, but if you chop them down they make great training treats that last ages. We give the Kangaroo and Rabbit sticks a 7/10, if only they lasted a little longer!

The Pet Pantry also has a small homeware section full of lovely cards and gifts for any pet lover. If any of you pooches are on the look out for a Mothers Day Present, for the most important woman in your life, then you should check out their website. Toni very kindly sent our Mummy an “I Love My Dog” mug which has quickly replaced her old favourite, as well as mugs they also have plaques, cushions, bags, cards and our personal favourite, their breed silhouette umbrellas! Goodies for you and your Mum, now that’s a great shop.

Overall our package from The Pet Pantry was an overwhelming success; yummy treats at a reasonable price that are healthy and 100% safe for us to eat, what’s not to love?






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