Review: Lupin Loves treats

We’ve been following the lovely Lupin on Instagram for the last few months, just waiting for an opportunity to try our his lovely homemade treats. Some of us are a little fussy *Colin and Eve* so our humans are always a little reluctant to buy different ones at the risk of rejection. Luckily for us Lupin and his humans decided to run a give-away when they reached 3000 followers and we went all out. We entered a grand total of fifteen times (apologies to any of our followers for the spamming!) and we won! We could not have been more excited and nervously waited for our treats to be baked specially for us and delivered to our door. IMG_9466.JPG

Being the up and coming stars that we are, Mum made us pose with our hamper before opening the treats. Clearly she was unaware of how great they smelt! We received large bags of peanut butter doggioreos, turkey and cranberry bones, cheesy bones, salmon and sweet potato hearts and Sunday dinner biscuits. We also received a sample size bag of their dog chocolate mini eggs and two dog chocolate bunnies but Mum is making us save these until Easter.

First up were the peanut butter doggioreos, we were most excited to try these as lots of our other Instagram friends had tried them and given rave reviews. We were not disappointed by them; Colin, Rhapsody and Desmond all wolfed theirs down, Eve wasn’t sure so Colin helped himself to another one. We received the large biscuit size which were great as a big reward, for example, to distract us when there were cats fighting outside our living room window!

Next up we tried the cranberry and turkey bones and were we’re all queueing up as soon as Mum opened the packet. They smelled great (Mum says should couldn’t smell anything) and went down pretty well with everyone. Eve decided she had enough after one but the rest of us turned on the puppy dog eyes for another! We had the small bone size which were perfect for little mouths (and big mouths apparently).

Finally (on arrival day) we tried the Sunday dinner biscuits. These biscuits are super healthy, which apparently is not just a synonym for boring, with vegetables in them and everything.  They were received extremely well by everyone, even fussy Eve could not get enough of these biscuits – success at last! These were a great size for a quick but high value reward.

The next day, once Mum had verified that all the treats would keep in the fridge for 4-5 weeks, we were allowed to open the other two packs. First up were the salmon and sweet potato hearts. These are much smaller than the other biscuits from Lupin Loves, they are a good size to use as a high value training treats and are great for improving our tricks! Again, everyone loved them and the smell was heavenly (Mum says they were a bit stinky).

Last up, we have the cheesy bones and oh my goodness did we save the best until last! Everyone that knows us will know that we all love cheese, sadly it can have an unfortunate side effects of the windy variety which our humans do not appreciate. These cheesy bones are the perfect solution; plenty of cheese but none of the smell! Everyone absolutely loved their cheesy bones, in fact we are off to borrow Mum’s credit card to buy some more right now.

Since we loved all the treats Mum decided to do a little taste test experiment to see which one we loved the most (just Rhapsody and I – Des and Eve had gone home by now). She lay out one of each biscuit on our dinner mat and then let us in one at a time to see which order we would eat them in. She did it twice with both of us (and reduced our dinner portions), with the biscuits in a different order each time and we both ate them in the same order both times. Click the link below to watch the video on our Facebook page, and you could even give us a like while you’re there!

Taste Test video

Overall we were big fans of all of our treats from Lupin Loves, some of us were slightly more enthusiastic than others but even our super fussy Eve was excited by three out of the five biscuits, her favourites were the salmon and sweet potato hearts!  Colin’s personal favourite were the cheesy bones as was Rhapsody’s and Des was particularly partial to the turkey and cranberry bones. You can purchase all of Lupin Loves treats in various pack sizes; taster packs for £1.50 (50g), small packs for £3.00 (150g) and large packs (300g) for £5.75. We think you should all order the large packs obviously, especially if you are a multi-dog household, but if you have fussy dogs then the taster packs are perfect, you can have one of each! For the bones and the doggioreos you can also choose a biscuit size to suit your pooch AND all treats can be made with gluten free flour for those with sensitive tummies.

We have also got a special offer just for our readers; use code ADVENTURESOFDOODLES for a FREE sample pack when you buy any two packs of biscuits – what are you waiting for? Click on Lupin’s website link or Etsy page and get shopping!










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