Review: Protect My Pet

Protect My Pet is a service that delivers a tailor made health box for your pet delivered to your door every month. The box includes the leading brands of flea, tick and worming treatment as well as some healthy treats from Pooch & Mutt and a roll of biodegradable poo bags from Beco Pets. The boxes are designed to take away the stress of remembering when to dose your dogs and/or cats and therefore keep fleas, ticks and worms at bay. Quite simply, when your box arrives, it’s time to treat! Whilst we are interested in alternative method of protecting against the little nasties, after our issues with fleas from kennels earlier this year we will be sticking with the medicated treatments for now.IMG_9437

The boxes contain Frontline flea and tick treatment (Advantage is offered as an alternative should you choose) and Drontal worming tablets (only sent every third box as worming treatment works for three months) both are sent in the correct dose for your pet. Boxes start at £9.99 for kittens and cats, £10.99 for puppies and dogs under 10 kg, £11.99 for dogs between 10-20 kg, £14.99 for dogs between 20-40 kg and £16.99 for dogs over 40 kg. These prices are per month if you sign up for their subscription service. Prices are higher if you order an individual box.

We decided to work out the combined price of all the components of the box to see if Protect My Pet really does provide it’s service at an affordable rate, the numbers we have used are for a medium dog between 10-20kg and we have used prices from Pets At Home as this is where a large number of pet owners in the UK shop for their pets. Frontline works out at £7.84 per pipette for a dog between 10 and 25 kg. Drontal works out at £11 for two tablets, recommended dose for dogs between 11-16 kg is 1 1/2 tablets but they can only be bought as whole tablets. The Pooch & Mutt treat pouches retail at around £1.66 (not available in pocket pouch size at PAH) and Beco poo bags retail at £4.00 for 4 rolls so £1 per roll. Overall that gives us a cost of £21.50 for all the individual items, average cost of £14.20 when you take into account the worming tablets only being included in every third box. Buying individual boxes still work out cheaper than buying all the items individually (all individual boxes include worming treatments) but having a subscription makes them even better value. Not only are you getting you box conveniently delivered to your door free of charge but you are getting good value for money.

Protect My Pet are also looking into making boxes for multiple dog and/or cat households whereby you would receive the same treat pouch and poo bags but medication would arrive in separate pouches for each animal (see Colin’s below) in the same box.  This option would be cheaper than buying a box for each pet which is great for us with multiple furry friends. Multi-pet boxes will be priced on an individual basis so get in contact with Protect My Pet to see how much you could save.

We think Protect My Pet is a great product. Getting your flea, tick and worming products through the post (the box goes through your letter box!) is a great way to keep on schedule with your pets’ treatments and when you consider the price of the products individually, you are essentially getting free treats and poo bags when you subscribe to a monthly box. For those looking for natural alternatives Protect My Pet are also looking into offering a natural box in the near future which is very exciting.

Protect My Pets is offering our readers an exclusive 20% off their first box – just use the code DOODLES20 on their website:




Colin’s medication pouch



4 thoughts on “Review: Protect My Pet

  1. I confess I’m not great at remembering to keep on top of de worming and fleaing my cat, so when I heard about @Protect_mypet I signed up!! Had 2 boxes now and it’s just brilliant. Good quality medicines, nice treats for mr whiskers, the box is really nicely presented and the service is excellent! Well recommend any pet owners to subscribe! Thanks protect my pet!!

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  2. As a busy working mum of two with so much to juggle this concept is excellent, one less thing to think about for my little lady. She loved the treats in the first box and can’t wait for the next and I’m happy that she’s all up to date with what she needs.

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