Review: Made For Mutts

Seven collars, two bow ties and fourteen neckerchiefs. Not our total accessory collection; just those from Made For Mutts. Our love affair with MFM started when Colin was just a dot and Charlotte from MFM was still at university studying Fashion and Textiles. Months later, MFM is still our first stop for dog accessories and Charlotte, since graduating, is now devoting all her time to Made For Mutts and her newest venture, Made For Moggies. Charlotte’s star model is her gorgeous boxer, Ruby, who does a fantastic job at showing off all their accessories and convincing us that we just need their latest designs.

Made For Mutts accessories are perfect for any adventure!
Our favourite thing about MFM is that Charlotte has seemingly unlimited designs and is constantly introducing new fabrics to her range. Our latest set from her, Rhapsody’s pink mosaic collar and neckerchief, is made of a fabric that I had seen some companies in the US using for their collars and completely fallen in love with. Charlotte managed to source the fabric for me and released it as a limited edition print – if you’re as blown away by this stunning set as I was then order soon, it won’t be around forever! All of MFM items can be made in any of the designs on their website, good luck settling on just one. Every item we have had from Charlotte is meticulously made to a consistently high standard, we are blown away every single time.

Rhapsody in her limited edition collar and neckerchief
Another thing that we love about MFM, and trust me I could go on forever, is that Charlotte is happy to make custom accessories should none of her sizes be quite right for your pooch (or kitty). When we adopted Rhapsody we had been advised to walk her on a martingale collar as she has a very small head and can slip out of a normal one. We looked all over the internet, in all the pet shops in our local area and just could not find what we were looking for. In stepped Charlotte who made us a gorgeous little collar for her and for only £7.55! We love that Charlotte doesn’t charge crazy prices for custom orders, she really does just want to make the perfect product for every customer.

Rhapsody in her custom martingale collar and neckerchief
The final reason that we go back to MFM again and again is simply value for money. Collars are between £8.00 and £12.50 depending on the size of your pooch; of course, this is more expensive than buying a basic nylon collar from your local pet superstore. With MFM, unlike mass produced collars, you are paying for a quality, handmade item. MFM collars still look fabulous after months of wear and can be washed to keep them looking as good a new which is very useful when your pups like to get a little mucky (see recent beach trip photos!)

Crazy Colin at the beach in his first ever MFM neckerchief
Our favourite items from MFM have to be their neckerchiefs which slip on over your dogs collar, they are between £4.50 – £6.50 and are worth every penny. Not only do they look stunning, wash well and look totally adorable in photos but they are great value. There are not many companies in the UK that make doggy neckerchiefs, the majority are in the US and prices can be north of £10 and that’s before you consider shipping prices! We also have two bow ties from MFM, they range from £4.00 to £6.00 and make little Colin look very dapper. They are perfect for both special occasions and everyday wear, anyone who doesn’t love a dog in a bow tie needs their head examining quite frankly! Made For Mutts also make leads and harnesses, both at great prices and I’m sure they are of the same consistent quality as their other accessories.

Des, Colin and Rhaps rocking MFM tartan neckerchiefs
Charlotte regularly runs offers on her Facebook and Instagram pages, so head on over and give her social media love! She also shares lots of gorgeous pictures, both of her dog Ruby and of other dogs modelling MFM accessories, which might help you make your mind up about which design(s) to order!

You can also check out our Paws For Spring competition on Instagram, to win a blue dots and stars collar and neckerchief set, the same fabric as Colin’s latest neckerchief!

Colin in his blue dots and stars neckerchief



Dapper Colin in his MFM bow tie

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