Review: Mabel & Mu

mabel and mu“Dare to be Different”, that is the catch phrase of Mabel and Mu, they aim to make collars for those of us that like to be different, and who doesn’t love to be a little bit special. Mable and Mu is a small, British company, local to us in Epsom, Surrey. They sell a range of dog collars, cat collars, leads and other accessories in bright, eye-catching designs. Their main aim is to produce top quality, highly secure and durable products that are also very pleasing on the eye. Deborah, who own M&M, has been a seamstress and designer all her life. She made the decision to change professional direction and Mabel and Mu was born. They started selling at local shows, their website was launched in 2015 and last month they exhibited at Crufts – what a great journey! Mabel and Bertie, the wire fox terriers, are the family dogs at M&M. Mu originally lived with them as well but the girls did not get on so she now lives with her own loving family. Deborah wanted to keep her memory with them, hence the name of Mable and Mu. Bertie also has his own brand, a range of bow ties for humans called Bow Ties by Bertie Squillini.

When Deborah got in contact with us and asked if we’d like to review some of her products Mum jumped at the chance, some of you may remember that Rhapsody had her Valentine’s bandana from M&M (which we loved), the only thing stopping her buying any more was her self-imposed ban on buying us more accessories. (Note to pups: you can never have too many accessories, humans are crazy.) I received a set of the Patch Blue collection comprising of a collar, lead, bandana and bow tie and Rhapsody got a Patch Red set with collar, lead and bandana. Clearly I am the favourite child. We will both be modelling our new sets when we attend All About Dogs Newbury, keep a look out for their appearances (Mum only let us wear them for photos because she didn’t want us to get them dirty for the big event, like we’d do a thing like that!)

Mabel and Mu’s accessories, being hand-made and of a very high quality, are more expensive than the cheap nylon stuff you can get off eBay or in Pets At Home. Having said that, they are a great deal cheaper than similar accessories we came across online and in our local pet shop. All of M&M’s collars come in eight different sizes from 7.5 – 24.5 inches, you are guaranteed to find the right size for your pup. The collar prices range from £9.95 – £17.95 depending on size and range (some ranges are slightly cheaper/more expensive due to fabric; all prices in this review are for the Patch Blue and Red ranges). My collar is a size two and Rhapsody’s is a size one; to give you an idea of the sizing. Their bandanas also come in six different sizes which slide perfectly onto their collars, they range in prices from £3.00 – £5.50 also dependant on size and fabric. I have a size 4 and Rhaps has a size 2. Bow ties come in four sizes, again these slide easily onto their collars, they range from £3.00 – £5.00. I have a size medium which is perfect. Their bow tie are also stiffened, after all, no one likes a floppy bow tie. Finally their leads. These range from £12.95 to £17.95 depending on the width and length that you would like, you can chose from 15 mm, 20 mm or 25 mm width and 120 cm or 150 cm length. All collars and lead also have a colour coordinated Mable and Mu label sewn on which we think is just adorable.

Now all the nitty, gritty is out of the way, let’s have a chat about the important stuff. First off, I look totally handsome in my new set,  it’s almost unfair to the other dogs I look so good. I guess Rhapsody looks pretty cute too, I think that’s what all the humans’ squealing was about. We are going to totally rule the ring at All About Dogs. M&M have awesome patterns, they really are something a little bit different and we LOVE it. Lots of companies selling dog accessories go for the same predicable patterns (not any of the ones we use, we hasten to add) so it’s great to see such vibrant and bold designs! As all M&M accessories are made by hand by Deborah, you can guarantee that each item is made with love and care, due to the nature of most of their fabrics each item is also a little bit different. They are in a totally different league to the stuff you see in the big brand pet shops. Mabel and Mu are also great value for money even when compare to the big factory-made brands. Great quality accessories at super affordable prices AND they post for free within the UK, what more could a pup ask for?Mabel and Mu are currently having a 35% off sale on a number of their ranges; head over to their website now to pick up some total bargains. They have bandanas for as little as £1.95 and bow ties from £2.25; what utter lunacy, especially when you remember it’s free UK shipping! Shoot over and deck yourself out – humans don’t mind if you use their credit cards, honest!






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