Review: Pet Nature Box

Pet Nature Box is the new kid on the block when it comes to pet subscription boxes, there are dozens of them around now in the UK and in our experience they are all pretty similar. They contain the same toys and treats (we have had a number of double up on toys and treats from different box companies in the past) and there is nothing overly exciting in them. Pet Nature Box, at first glimpse, seems to be an exception to this trend. We have had some good boxes before, don’t get me wrong, but if Pet Nature manage to keep up the quality of their boxes they will soon be a major player in the pet subscription box world. The quality of the items in the box was of a much higher standard than we have come to expect from subscription boxes, with only one exception.

rhaps with box.jpg
Rhapsody with our Pet Nature Box
The Pet Nature Box comes from the people that own Pet Nature, an independent pet shop in South Devon and we think this may be the secret to their boxes. They opened the shop in 2012 as a result of their increasing concern with the standard of pet food and treats available on the market, they opened Pet Nature; full of safe, healthy and natural treats. They then expanded to include toys, accessories and health products; sourcing eco-friendly and herbal alternatives wherever they could. They sell all the products in the boxes in their shop, they know first hand which products pups will love and which just do not make the cut. They also opened their online shop at in 2014. They decided to launch Pet Nature Box this month as they felt they had gained enough experience in the healthy pet industry and they had a good number of British independent pet companies to work with. They aim to always support small UK businesses, providing them with a platform for their products. Now you’ve got some background information, onto the contents of the first ever Pet Nature Box!

Green & Wilds Ronnie the Rhino (RRP £5.99) – Ronnie is a funny one. At first we didn’t like him, he’s made of all natural jute and cotton materials and covered in suede which felt a little bit funny. Once we decided we liked him it became a competition as to who could destroy him – see video below for destruction attempts. Four hours after we were given him he has lost an ear and half his horn; that’s pretty good going in our house. He’s still functional, just a little rough around the edges! He is my new FTF (Favourite Toy Forever) and I carry him almost everywhere I go.

Green & Wilds The Whole Salmon Skin (RRP £2.49) – seriously fishy. Mum says it stank out the whole house and we LOVED it. Mum cut the whole skin up into smaller pieces so that we could enjoy it over a number of days, and yes, I did tell her I’d be fine to eat the whole thing at once but she wouldn’t listen. Stinky but scrumptious. Not for those with sensitive human noses.

Eco Dog Designs Carrying Pouch (RRP £6.50) – our new carrying pouch is fabulous (according to Mum). It conveniently matches Rhapsody’s new lead from Mabel and Mu perfectly and is big enough to fit some treats in as well as a roll of poop bags. Probably wouldn’t spent £6.50 on one but it was a nice addition to the box and it’ll look great at all our events coming up!

Gor Pets Quack Duckling Toy (RRP £4.49) – this was our only problem item in our box. Unfortunately Gor Pets toys do not have a good track record in our house (Colin 6 – Toys 0) and this was no exception. It was marked for death as soon as I got my paws, and teeth, on it. It did look very cute and made an intriguing quacking sound, Rhapsody had a nice play with it before I did so it would probably would’ve been ok for less ferocious dogs.

WellyBix Carob Chocolate Flavour Biscuits (RRP £3.29) – usually biscuits are a hard sell in this house and non-meat/cheese biscuits, forget about it. The human opened these with the expectation of rejection as was pleasantly surprised – the whole crew could just not get enough. There was (notice the past tense) a lucky 13 perfectly hand baked biscuits in our pack. The only issue we had with these treats was that they ran out!

The Dog Treat Company Liver Treats (RRP £2.50) – these are already a firm favourite here at Adventures Of Doodle HQ, no objection here to having another pack! They are a great, healthy treat and we will all do just about anything for one, and my pals and I can be seriously fussy. They come in a small resealable pouch so are great to go into human pockets for walks. Great addition to the box.

Favourite product: it just has to be the WellyBix biscuits!

We all loved our WellyBix biscuits!
Overall individual item price £25.26; Box price £19.99 – overall we were pretty impressed with our Pet Nature Box, the treats were all amazing and the toys were good, better for less destructive dogs but still quality toys. Next time we would go for their tough chewers box however, Mum is aware that if we really want to destroy a toy we will, regardless of how tough it may claim to be! The little carrying pouch was a nice touch, the humans like to think they’re getting something from the box. Price-wise they sit somewhere in the middle of the pet substitution boxes however, the Pet Nature Box contains high quality products more typical of the boxes with a higher price tag. If you like the idea of getting a monthly subscription box with high quality items, sourced from within the UK with very few exceptions, then a Pet Nature Box is for you! It’s a great was to discover new and exciting pet brands for a lower price than buying the individual items. If you aren’t keen on surprises or have really fussy dogs then you’re probably better off sticking with the treats and toys you know your dog(s) like and avoiding subscription boxes altogether. We hope that Pet Nature Box can maintain the high quality of their boxes as they continue to grow and develop, they have set a pretty high bar with their first box!

Rhapsody with Mr Ducky (before death)
The ‘Pawtastic’ box (this is the box we received) is delivered to your door for just £19.99 a month. Pet Nature Box also do a special ‘My Dad’s Bigger Than Your Dad’ box for big breed dogs (£24.99) and a ‘Tough Nut’ box for tough chewers (£29.99) as well as offering gluten & wheat free, poultry free and fish only options. Pet Nature are also looking at expanding their range to multi pet boxes, treat and chews only boxes and one off boxes. All boxes include UK shipping and if you order now you can get £5 off your first box using the code HIGH5. By using this code you will be automatically be entered to win a free box – sounds like a great deal to me! 






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