Review: Green & Wilds’ Treats and Toys

When we received our Pet Nature Box last month we were thrilled to discover that it contained treats and a toy from Green & Wilds, we have been big fans of their since Mum visited their stall at the National Pet Show last year and are always impressed with the quality of their products. I absolutely loved my Ronnie the Rhino from our box (even if I did try to kill him) and we both enjoyed our whole salmon skin treat so we were very excited when Green & Wilds got in contact to ask if we would like to try some of their new treats. Not only did they send us their new ‘Luv Hearts’ and ‘Salmon Roll Bakes’  but they also send us one of Ronnie’s friends each; I claimed Desmond the Duck and Rhapsody got Peggy the pig.

Can I play now?
Desmond and Peggy, like Ronnie before them, are from Green & Wilds Eco Dog Toys range; Desmond is made from four layers of jute twin stitched over recycled cotton and jute rope and Peggy is made from four layers of jute twin stitched over recycled cotton and jute rope, and a recycled bottle to add that “CRUNCH” when playing. She is covered in a soft suede and she has a Velcro behind so you can replace the crinkler bottle or add tasty treats for even more fun! They are hard wearing which is a must in our house and we love that they are make from recycled materials. Desmond, Peggy and Ronnie retail at £5.99 which is great value, especially when you consider the hard wearing nature of them!

On the Green & Wilds new treats. First we tried their Salmon Roll Bakes  (RRP £3.29 for 150g packet), Mum was apprehensive as I can be very fussy when it comes to fishy treats but when it came to these she could not get the packet open quick enough! They smelt amazing to us but Mum said she couldn’t smell them which is a pleasant surprise when it come to fishy treats apparently. They are fairly small, great for a high value reward but take a bit too long to crunch to be used as a training treat. We were big fans, they taste great, are high in Omega 3 & 6 for a healthy skin and coat and contain only natural ingredients. The 150 g pack is lasting very well, the recommended feeding guide is a maximum of 5 treats a day and the pack is resealable so they stay fresh! Mum found these were great to put into Peggy to keep us amused!

Next up were the Luv Heart treats, Green & Wilds chicken and liver training treats which retail at £2.99 for a 100 g bag. They are grain free and high in liver which is a great source of natural nutrients. These are the perfect size to use as training treats for any size dog, they are nice and moist which means they can also be split into smaller teats for longer training sessions. Green & Wilds recommend a maximum of 10 treats per day so these are best used as a high value rewards, for me these are used for things like the see-saw at agility, a Luv Heart helps me forget about how scary it is! These, like all Green & Wilds treats, come in a resealable bag so they keep perfectly fresh and did we mention the heart shaped treat are also adorable?

Check out our video of us enjoying our Green & Wilds goodies here!

Overall we were really impressed with both our toys and treats from Green & Wilds; Peggy and Desmond are great interactive toys as well as being extremely durable and the treats are very tasty, the Salmon Roll Bakes are a lovely, crunchy reward and the Luv Hearts are perfect as a high value training treat. Thank you for our parcel Green & Wilds – we are sending doodle kisses your way!







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