Review: Wellybix Hand Baked Dog Biscuits

Wellybix is our favourite kind of company. They make yummy, handmade treats with no nasties in sight! Wellybix is the brainchild of Alison, originally a pastry chef, who lives in County Durham with her family and two year old Jack Russell terrier Welly-Bob who was the inspiration behind the brand name. Welly is also chief tester – a very important job indeed, I’m sure you’ll agree. Wellybix began when Alison started baking healthy treats for Welly, then local hotels and holiday cottages started asking for packs for their dog-friendly holiday accommodation and that’s when Wellybix was officially founded. Now Alison supplies many pet shops around the UK with her delicious treats and they have even been featured in pet subscription boxes (the ones from our Pet Nature Box were a huge hit). Wellybix’s main product is their dog biscuits but they also sell Bake-a-Bone boxes where you can bake your own Wellybix treats, luxury blankets, cards and bathtime products.IMG_1683.JPG

When our Wellybix biscuits arrived we were immediately draw to the packaging, when I saw we i mean Mum, we are colourblind after all so product design is lost on us. It is functional (you can reseal the packaging to keep biscuits fresh) and has been meticulously designed even down to the Union Jack in the paw print! The labels are simple and extremely effective, the back of the labels contain all the nutritional information as well as the best before date which is great.


In our box Alison send us Beef, Chicken and Lamb flavour biscuits bones (all of which are £3.25 for a 110g packet), we were keen to try them all after loving our Doggy Chocolate biscuits so much! First up we dug into the Beef Flavour with Parsley bones and boy were they good! Rhapsody came fairly close to taking the end of Mum’s finger off when she thought I might steal her treat (no human were harmed in the taste testing of these products 😉). Next up we opened the Chicken Flavour with Fresh Thyme biscuits and it was love at first sniff. We are partial to chicken anything so this came as no surprise to Mum.If we had thumbs they’d have got two thumbs up from us both.  Last up were the Lamb Flavour with Fresh Rosemary. Yet again Wellybix biscuits were approved by our fussy taste buds. All three flavours were a total hit, we didn’t even seem to mind which of the three Mum offered us which is very unusual – us oodles have very high standards you know!

None of the biscuits were offensive to the sensitive noses of our humans, they can be funny about stinky treats but these smelt great to human and pooch noses alike. All three flavours we tried have only nine ingredients, all of which are lovely and natural, you know exactly what you’re getting. Our biscuits stayed nice and fresh in their packets for the week they were open, there were about twelve bones in each pack which does put them on the expensive end of the dog treat scale but when you consider that they are carefully hand made, their high quality ingredients and their general yumminess we think they are great value for money. The only downside Mum can think of is that the treats are pretty big for little dogs, personally I’m not sure why this is an issue. However, Alison said that she is happy to make biscuits in any size or shape so we will be ordering smaller ones in the future so they can be used as high value training treats!

In summary, we loved all our biscuits from Wellybix. As we scoffed every flavour that Mum offered us in seconds, she decided that we should do a taste test to see what our order of preference was (to see the full video click here). Rhapsody ate the Chicken flavour first, Lamb second and Beef last, I was a little indecisive, taking a small bite from each one before finally choosing my order. I also ate the Chicken flavour first, Lamb second and Beef last so I guess Chicken flavour is the winner! We would recommend Wellybix treats to all our fluffy friends, they would be great for a special occasion or just to celebrate how lucky our humans are to have us.







One thought on “Review: Wellybix Hand Baked Dog Biscuits

  1. These two are SO adorable! I grew up with poodles and my mother has a purebred standard now — I don’t care what they’re crossed with though, anything with a poodle is just so cute and smart. And nothing’s cute than a scruffy doodle – makes me just want to reach through the photos and give your babies a pat on the topknot.

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