Review: PawBakes Doggy Baking Kits

Our Mummy loves to bake, so when PawBakes got in contact and asked if we’d like to try their brand new doggy home baking kits we were very excited. She has searched for recipes online before but they all required ingredients that we did not have in the cupboard so no doggy bakes ever appeared. Luckily, with PawBakes kits, there are minimal additional ingredients needed, just water for the biscuit kit and an egg, a little vegetable oil and water for the cupcake kit. What could be easier?

As you’ve probably twigged by now, we received two baking kits from PawBakes, one biscuit kit and one cupcake kit. First up we tried the Peanut Butter and Honey Biscuit kit. Rhapsody was Mummy’s helper for these, apparently two of us helping at once would’ve been too much! The mix was in a little pack in the box, all you had to do was pour the mix into a bowl and add water. The instructions on the back of the box were very clear and very soon biscuits were beginning to take shape. The kit comes with a bone shaped cookie cutter, it is quite big so Mum made some big bone-shaped biscuits with it and then used a tiny cutter we already had for the rest of the the dough. We ended up with nine big bones biscuits and forty-six little hearts! The oven bit was boring. They should really cook instantly but Mum says I can’t blame PawBakes for that. She did let us lick the bowl clean though so I guess it wasn’t all bad! Once the biscuits were done, and cooled (another irritating process), we were allowed to taste test the fruits of our labour and they were great. Mum didn’t let us eat them all, spoilsport, and since she made little ones as well as our big bones they should last a good few days apparently.

Next up were the Peanut Butter Cupcakes and this time it was my turn to show off my baking expertise. I tactically employed Mum as my sous chef, the whole not having opposable thumbs thing was a bit of a hindrance. The cupcakes were super easy to make, all we had to do was add an egg, a little vegetable oil and some water and mix it all together, I took a supervisory role and make sure Mum followed all the instruction on the back of the box properly. The mixture easily filled the six cases with a little extra mix for taste testing, I had to make sure it wasn’t poisonous- honest! Once the cupcakes were cooked and cooled (refer to earlier paragraph for how I feel about cooking and cooling time) we went about preparing the icing. Mum took her eye off the ball and burnt the chocolate drops a little when she was melting them, we managed to recover enough to ice four cupcakes but they were just as yummy without! We both loved our cupcakes, taking photos provided to be an issue, they were just way too tempting to pose with!

In summary, we loved both the biscuits and the cupcakes that came as a result of our PawBakes kits and it was great fun to be able to bake with Mum. The kits were quick and easy, even someone who didn’t like baking or little humans would be able to make tasty treats for their pup! We took the fruits of our labour to Grandma’s the day after we made them and even Eve, who our regular readers will know is extremely fussy, enjoyed both the biscuits and the cupcakes – she actually growled when Colin tried to steal her cupcake which is unheard of! Unfortunately with four dogs all fighting for treats at the same time we were unable to get photographic evidence but we promise it did happen!

As well as loving the yummy goodies, we also love the branding of PawBakes, the packaging is fun and really reflects the playfulness of the brand. Baking with your pets should be an enjoyable experience and these kits really facilitate that enjoyment. The kits are currently only available on Amazon (for biscuit kits click here, for cupcakes click here) and retail at £4.99 but will soon be available via their website. £4.99 does seem like a lot when you only get six cupcakes or ten large biscuits from a kit but if you consider how much the ingredients would cost to buy individually it is really not bad at all, especially with the biscuit cutter and cupcake cases in the boxes. Once you have the biscuit cutter it might be better to just be able to buy the mix sachet, maybe this is something PawBakes could consider selling in the future?  In our humble opinion, if we were choosing between the two kits, we would have to go with the biscuit kit as it yielded more treats – the more the merrier in our eyes! We would also have the cupcake kit again as they were delicious but Mum says probably only for a speical occasion, #FunSponge.img_3669






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