Review: PitPat Activity Monitor

Do you know how much exercise your dog does in a day? You might be surprised!

We all know that us dogs need exercise to stay healthy, according to Mum fellow doodle/poodle owners will know that unless we are properly exercised we are a nightmare to live with as well as leaving us open to a number of weight related diseases, just like our humans. Some breeds are more susceptible to being obese than others, top of that list are Labrador Retrievers, Pugs and  Dachshunds, obesity in dogs can affect every aspect of their lives and ultimately it has been show to shorten their lifespan. Diseases such as diabetes, heart disease and increased blood pressure, respiratory diseases, digestive disorders, cancer and decreased liver function are all more common in dogs categorised as obese than in dogs of a healthy weight as well as making them more susceptible to bone and joint problems, problems with their skin and coat, increased risk from anaesthesia if they have to have surgery and decreased immune function. Add on top of all those risks a shorter lifespan than dogs of a healthy weight and you wonder why anyone allows their dogs to become overweight in the first place. This is primarily due to naughty humans over feeding and under exercising their dog(s), this is where PitPat comes in. Continue reading


Review: Fido’s Box

We first met Fido’s Box at All About Dogs in Newbury, we always enjoying looking at different subscription boxes at shows but our PA is always weary that their displays may not be truly representative of the contents of their boxes. We followed them on Facebook and Instagram with interest, time and time again we were impressed with the photos of boxes that they were posing and, more importantly, the ones they were tagged in! We were therefore very pleased when they reached out to ask if we would like to review a box for them. We picked up our box at Paws in the Park (PA nearly forgot it, we might have to start advertising for a less forgetful one) and could not wait to get home and open it!img_6218-1 Continue reading

Top 10 Treats from our recent shows! 

Instead of a treat review for each of the three shows we have been to over the last month or so, we decided to put together a list of our top ten treats from All About Dogs Newbury, The National Pet Show and Paws in the Park Spring Show. We tried ALOT of treats (about 30 all together) from all three shows combined so even making the top ten is impressive!

Some of the treats we use as stand alone treats for photo shoots or to put in our puzzle toys, some are added into a large jar to make my “agility trail mix” which we use for training sessions at home and at our agility classes so I don’t get bored of one type of treat! We have decided on our top ten based on a combination of value for money, quality of the treats and general yumminess. Continue reading

Paws in the Park – Companies To Look Out For

Here are our top companies to look out for that we met at Paws in the Park. The majority of the companies at the event we had met or used before but these five were you fabulous new finds of the weekend. Hope you enjoy!

Gerties and Berties – sell dog beds and towel wraps. G&B had to be our favourite discovery of the weekend. Their main product is their waterproof beds, they are unique in that they are more like human beds that dog beds. You buy a waterproof mattress with a removable cover so you can remove the dirty cover, put it in the wash and voila, clean bed! Due to the waterproof nature of the mattress you avoid the tendency of dog beds to get a little stinky over time! Their beds come on two different styles, donut beds and pillow beds and both styles come in three different sizes, there’s a bed for everyone. They also have a range of different covers for all their beds, our favourite is the multi coloured fleece (the big reddish one in the picture below) but there are loads of options to suit every home. The beds were super comfortable, we tested them all thoroughly and we even saw people sitting on them! Their beds are quite expensive, donut beds (with a cover) range from £63 to £118 and pillow beds range from £41 to £92, these beds are made to last so should be looked at as a long term investment. G&B’s also sell towel wraps, as modelled by me and Rhapsody in the photos below, which we think are an absolute bargain at £12-£19. Rhaps needed another towel coat and Mum thought that for £12 it was worth trying a new style and she was very pleased with the result! The small wrap fitted her perfectly. Continue reading

A Weekend At… Paws in the Park

Last weekend we were very excited to attend Paw in the Park Spring Show at the South of England Showground in West Sussex. Luckily for us, for this show we were allowed to go with our humans and we went for the whole weekend so we didn’t miss out on anything. We discovered loads of great new companies and saw a lot of our established favourites which was great. It’s always lovely to get out and meet all the people behind the companies we love and to meet more new friends! We also met up with our friend Gatsby with his humans and our friends Archie and Pepper who showed us how it was done on the have-a-go flyball (video on Archie’s Instagram @archie.the.cockerpoo and as part of our event video on YouTube). Hopefully we’ll get to watch them compete at a show soon, they were just awesome! Continue reading

Review: Pet Touch ID Tags

There is currently a growing trend for doggy tech across the UK and when we saw Pet Touch ID’s tags we were immediately drawn to them. Not only do they look like normal dog tags unlike many of their competitors but they are also unbelievably cheap! Their basic range start at just £8.95 and their premium tags, like ours, start at £9.95 which I’m sure you’ll agree is great values for money. We have been unable to find a similar product for a lower price on the UK market; most are more expensive and look very “tech-y” whereas the Pet Touch ID tags just look like normal dog ID tags from the front which we love. Continue reading

Tilly’s Treat Test

I thought I would provide a little introduction as this is my first time blogging…

My name is Amy, and I’m one of Tilly’s humans. Or as she sees it; one of her entourage. Tilly is our first dog, and is probably the best thing we ever did! I started an Instagram for my little fluff ball back in June 2014, to avoid spamming family and friends with constant puppy photos. Here we are almost two years later, it has become a hobby, helped me improve my photography, and best of all, allowed us to meet fellow poodle and doodle lovers, including our wonderful friends; Emily and her two, Colin + Rhapsody.

Tilly’s first week home.

You can find us on Facebook, Instagram and now, YouTubeContinue reading