A Day At… The National Pet Show in London

The National Pet Show was a huge, amazing show and since we could not possibly fit everything into one blog there will be a series of four posts. This one is about all the talks, displays and non-retails stands, the next one about new retail exhibitors we discovered selling a variety of collars, leads, coats etc., then finally a treat review post from us featuring all the treats we bought and a special wheat-free treat review from Amy and Tilly as guest bloggers!

Mine and Amy’s day started bright and early on Sunday (the pups were very upset when Amy arrived and they realised Tilly wasn’t with her), we headed up to London for The National Pet Show and wanted to be there for opening 9.30 am when it opened. When we arrived we were directed to the Press Office, this is our first event that we have been considered ‘press’ so we were slightly excited, and set about deciding our schedule for the day. We knew we wanted to go and watch Noel Fitzpatrick at 10.30 and the Superdog Live finals at 3.15 but other plan that our plans were fairly fluid. Luckily we arrived early for Noel’s talk and thank gooodness we did. Unsurprisingly, the Supervet Live talks were extreamely  popular and as soon as he started talking it was evident to us why.  Professor Noel Fitzpatrick quite frankly an extraordinary person. Amy and I both enjoy his TV program (I’m watching this week’s episode as I do the final edit for this post) and already held an extremely high opinion of him but listening to him talk about the work he does and the passion he has for helping both animals and humans was incredible. He has an incredible vision whereby both the veterinary and humans medicine professions will start to work together to create a better world for everyone, his charity The Humanimal Trust aims to promote just that. We loved hearing him talk and cannot wait to see him (and hopefully meet him) at Dog Fest in June!

The second thing we were determined to see in the Eukanuba Supertheatre was the Superdogs Live final. We didn’t know exactly what to expect but we were told that there would be a Most Talented Dog competition, Most Heroic Hound and Strictly Doggy Dancing so we were excited to see the talented pooches showing off their skills! Before we even got started with the competition we were treated to a performance from Trip Hazzard (recently seen on Britain’s Got Talent) and his human which was amazing – such skills for such a little dog! The finals featured an amazing array of dogs including chihauhaus, staffies crosses and a gorgeous Romanian rescue dog called Daisy (she was our favourite), they were all great proof that you do not need a specific breed of dog to learn amazing tricks. They were all fantastic, showing a huge range of tricks and skill and definitely inspired many member of the audience, including us, to do more with our dogs!

There are upcoming posts on both the retail stands we loved and reviews of the treats we bought but I just wanted to mention an amazing company called Bauwow that we came across whilst browsing. Bauwow is an app that ‘unifies information, goods and services and allows users to connect, socialise, shop, travel and save everywhere, at any time for everything pet related’. It really does have everything a dog lover needs; dog friendly hotels and restaurants, vets and groomers local to your location, locations of totally dog friendly beaches across the country, a way to meet other pups in your area and many other useful features. We’ve signed up and so far it is everything it is advertised to be and we have been reliably informed that is works across the whole of Europe, very useful if you like to travel with your pets! Sign up and join our pack!

One of the great things about The National Pet Show is all the dog breed stands. We saw everything from Poodles to Pulis, from Wire Fox Terriers to Weimeranas and we loved every single one. Of course, we both have a weakness for poodles and doodles so we headed straight for the Poodle stands. With Toys, Miniatures and Standards at the show we were in poodle heaven! The little group of Toys were particularly gorgeous, one even showed off her piano playing for us! Just before we left we also managed a nice chat with the lovely ladies at the Labradoodle stand, many of you (hopefully) will have read our article about “designer dogs” and therefore will know where we stand on responsible doodle breeding so we were thrilling to see that the Labradoodle breeder Debbie (who owns and runs Cream of British Australian Labradoodles) had brought along her health testing documents and had them up around the stall! What a great advocate for doodle breeding and their Australian Labradoodles were nothing short of magnificant!

As well as all the gorgeous dog we also saw loads of other amazing animals. Parrots, chinchillas, ponies, llamas, pretty much any pet you could with to own was represented in some way. It was great to see people from all over the country, all with a love for different animals, coming together to promote responsible pet ownership and animal welfare. I’ll finish with some of the fantastic photos Amy took of the array of animals we were lucky enough to meet. Enjoy!



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