The National Pet Show – Companies To Look Out For

There was loads of amazing companies at The National Pet Show so we’ve split our favourites into three categories; Too Good To Miss, Little Treats and Splash the Cash. It was extremely difficult to give you a flavour of all these amazing brands in one posts but here goes!

Too Good To Miss £

Ceryn’s Colony – sells handmade candles and other beeswax products. Not strictly pet products but they smell great and will be ideal for getting rid of unwanted doggy smells! We got an deodorising candle that will burn for 80 hours for just £10. Great value when you consider that candles of that size can be £30+.

Mabel & Mu – sell dog and cat accessories; collars, leads, bandanas, bow ties and collar flowers. M&M were already firm favourites in our house, we managed to pick up two bandanas in the sale at 50% off which was fantastic value. Full price their accessories are still great value, dog collars start at just £9.95, leads at £12.95 and they currently have a sale on with 35% some of their ranges!

Dependable Pets – sell treats, toys, food, grooming products and Dogrobes. We were already big fans of DP and we thrilled that they were there last weekend. We picked up seven packs of treats for just £1 each, two Mr Men toys for £4 and a bottle of shampoo and deodorising spray for just £1.50 each. Obviously their show prices were cheaper than the prices on their website but, even full prices, their products are still great value. You can also use the code DPDC002 for 25% off your first order with them.

Little Treats ££

Olive’s Larder – sells artesian homemade dog treats, doggy baking kits, rope collars and leads. We LOVED their rope collars and leads, very rare to see these kind of products in the UK especially at such reasonable prices, collars are just £12 for all sizes and leads start at £19 and come in a wide range of colours. Their healthy, hand baked treats are £3.99 for a 150g pack (we picked these up at the show for £2.50) and the pups loved them. We will definitely be back to Olive’s Larder.

Walter’s Wardrobe – sells dog coats, collars, leads, harnesses and beds. Personally they were my favourite stall of the day, I fell in love with their gorgeous dog coats – one is definitely on Rhapsody’s birthday list this year! Their coats start at just £30, which is not much more than you’d pay in the big pet superstores, come in both quilted and tweed styles and just look stunning. All their other products were just as nice, definitely high end items but reasonably priced for the quality of the products. The couple that own and run the company were lovely and more than happy to chat to us and show off their new labradoodle puppy Walter who is nothing short of adorable!


Splash the Cash £££

Baker & Bray – sell collars and leads, toys, coats and doggy neckwear. There is no denying that B&B is a truly luxurious brand and their prices reflect that. Their leather collars and leads retail at £44 and £49 respectively, their coats and jackets are £89. Prices are the same for all sizes which must be a relief for big dog owners as they are often much more! For us B&B products are something to aspire to, one day we will be the best dressed dogs in Surrey.

Broughton & Co. – sell leather dog collars, leads, collar accessories and knitted scarves; all handmade by them from start to finish. Our favourite item on their stall was their collars, they are totally customisable, you can choose the collar width, leather colour, stitching colour and leather keeper colour and the collar can be hand stamped with your dog’s name. All this comes as standard with a Broughton & Co. collar. Their collars are pretty expensive; they range from £25 to £75 depending on the size and style, these collars would definitely be a special purchase but if you can afford it they why not? These are a true luxury item and the quality of their products is totally evident when you see them in person. One day we will have some of their collars!

Pet Cribs – sell houses for pets! No, you didn’t read that wrong. Pet Cribs make to-scale houses for pets and they are pretty adorable. If your dog (or cat) likes to sleep in an enclosed space and you fancy brightening up your house then a Pet Crib is for you. Pet Cribs come in a variety of shapes and sizes and they are always happy to do a custom order just for you. Prices start at £285 and the sky is the limit!
Wonderboo – sell high end air-dried dog food. Wonderboo is a company from Sweeden that are new to the UK. Their nutritiously balanced food is made with 100% natural ingredients from Sweeden and is 80% meat, the food is air-dried at 50 degrees for 48 hrs. It is fairly expensive. Small boxes are £2 each, medium are £3 and large are £4. The boxes contain a whole day’s food and look very stylish. We had three sample boxes; Swedish Ox, Swedish Cod and Light and the pups absolutely loved them all! They are a great healthy alternative to raw and will be great for when we are on the road with the pups. Use code LIMITED20 for 20% off your first order of you fancy giving it a go (valid for a limited time only).

We hope you enjoyed all our picks of the show – up next is treat reviews and we’ve got some amazing new treats alongside lots of old favourites! We will also have a guest blog from the lovely Amy and Tilly with a special grain-free treat review. Lots of exciting this coming up here on Adventures of Doodles!


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