Tilly’s Treat Test

I thought I would provide a little introduction as this is my first time blogging…

My name is Amy, and I’m one of Tilly’s humans. Or as she sees it; one of her entourage. Tilly is our first dog, and is probably the best thing we ever did! I started an Instagram for my little fluff ball back in June 2014, to avoid spamming family and friends with constant puppy photos. Here we are almost two years later, it has become a hobby, helped me improve my photography, and best of all, allowed us to meet fellow poodle and doodle lovers, including our wonderful friends; Emily and her two, Colin + Rhapsody.

Tilly’s first week home.

You can find us on Facebook, Instagram and now, YouTube

We love trips to the beach.
Double trouble…more like triple trouble!

The National Pet Show

NPSWe had the pleasure of attending The National Pet Show on Sunday (as press! We were VERY excited), along with Colin + Rhapsody’s human, Emily. I will admit, I was sad our fluffy gang weren’t able to accompany us…they’re great at introductions! However, we made up for it by hauling home as many treats as we could carry, which, turns out, is a lot.

I highly recommend The National Pet Shows for a day out, there is SO much to see. Including small furries, amphibians, reptiles, many interesting breeds of cats and dogs, including our favourite: poodles, plus doodles too! Hearing Noel Fitzpatrick (Aka The SuperVet) was also a highlight. For more on our fabulous day out, check out Emily’s blog.

As some of you may know, Tilly has a grain allergy; meaning she becomes very itchy around her paws, face, and ears if she ingests namely wheat or barley. So, I had my eyes peeled for any and every grain free goodie in sight. Emily suggested a good old fashioned taste test. So that’s what we did! Look out for our video at the end of this post to see how we got on. First a little bit about the goodies…

Alpha Spirit – Snack Pots (beef) from Lead On Dog Shop£1 (RRP £1)


Loved the size of each individual treat, being small they are super effective for training purposes, including agility which we have recently started. Tilly is renowned for taking donkey’s years to finish a snack, so when we’re on the go…the smaller the better! Another plus point; they weren’t too stinky, which is nice. They claim to be easy open, I somehow managed to disprove that! I liked that they were small in amount, as I can bung them in the car, or coat pocket, and will never be without a treat.

Artisan Dog Treats from Olive’s Larder (turkey + apple)£3.50 (RRP £3.99)

Olive’s Larder had to be one of our favourite stalls from the show. They had a gorgeous range of rope collars and posh doggie treats, all reasonably priced. I love a good ole resealable packet, so they were off to a good start, plus no smell! Not so great for training purposes, but since they are half baked; less mess when she chows down, and I don’t have to banish her to the garden to eat. Really nice to see no added nasties.

Bailey Bites Love Hugs from Barking Heads (strawberry + cream) – (press goodie bag) RRP £2.99

I thought the flavour was a really cool idea, and it’s always fun to try out new things, which so often have grain in… Tilly gave the bag a good sniff when I first opened them, which was encouraging! I did find the smell a little sickly. Each treat has a little face on which is very cute. Madame Tilly is partial to fruit, unlike Colin who will promptly spit vegetation out. The one down side was that they were quite crumbly, but not the end of the world, after all, strawberries & cream are meant to be eaten outside!

Soopa Papaya Chews from Thoughtful Pets – £2.50 (RRP £3.15 )

As I mentioned, Tilly loves a bit of fruit, including melon and banana. She had yet to try papaya and I was enticed by the teeth cleaning properties of the dried fruit. Since she isn’t raw fed I’m always on the lookout for ways to keep her teeth sparkling. The smell was delightful, and I was yet again pleased to see resealable packaging. These are low calorie, not a concern for Tilly as she tends to maintain a slim physique, but a great idea for pooches watching their waistline!

Meradog Soft (Lamb) Snack from Dependable Pets –  £1.50 (RRP £2.99)

Loved the bone shape of eat treat, plus lamb is one of Tilly’s favourites. Soft meaty snacks are always handy for agility classes and my attempts at obedience training. I may cut them into halves as I do with many soft treats, makes them go a bit further, and she’s only small! There is handy cut out on the packaging which meant I could see what I was buying, however once opened, they can fall out of this gap, I learnt that the hard way!

Feelwells (Fish) Crunchies£1 (RRP £1.49)

I spied these at one of the charity stands at the show, unfortunately I can’t remember which one for the life of me… Emily had recommended these, so we gave them a whirl. Although they are crunchy, they are small enough that Tilly can eat them quickly, great for training. RESEALABLE! But they were definitely the pongiest of the lot… That’s what I get for choosing fish!

Enough about what I think. Check out our video to see what Madame Poodle herself thought of the goodies. It’s worth mentioning I let her try and smell each treat before the final test, so she knew what she liked best.

Photos/videos by yours truly,

A big thank you to Emily for hosting us on her wonderful blog. I hope you enjoyed our mini treat review. Happy Blogging!

Amy + Tilly x


2 thoughts on “Tilly’s Treat Test

  1. Treat tests are a very important thing. Mom doesn’t let us have many treats because we are so ‘delicate,’ but she likes to read about what other doggies like. Keep up the good work – Your friends at DogDaz Zoo

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