Top 10 Treats from our recent shows! 

Instead of a treat review for each of the three shows we have been to over the last month or so, we decided to put together a list of our top ten treats from All About Dogs Newbury, The National Pet Show and Paws in the Park Spring Show. We tried ALOT of treats (about 30 all together) from all three shows combined so even making the top ten is impressive!

Some of the treats we use as stand alone treats for photo shoots or to put in our puzzle toys, some are added into a large jar to make my “agility trail mix” which we use for training sessions at home and at our agility classes so I don’t get bored of one type of treat! We have decided on our top ten based on a combination of value for money, quality of the treats and general yumminess.

In tenth place are Real Meaty Treats with Chicken from Natures Menu RRP £1.89 for 60g bag. They are made from 95% chicken and pork, are a great size for training treats and are gluten free. Downside is that you are only allowed 1-2 per day per 10kg of body weight. Booooo.


In nineth place are Cheesy Training Treats from Feelwells RRP £1.79 for 115g bag. I’ve been a fan of these since I was a puppy so we were thrilled when Mum found some at The National Pet Show. They are the perfect size for a quick reward when training, you can even break them in two so they last even longer! They also come in liver and chicken flavours which are also great. All three varieties are in our trail mix.


In eighth place are our Pork Pie biscuits from Top Collar Box RRP £5.99 for ~150g bag with free shipping. Top Collar is a subscription box service (stay tuned for a full review too) that send a yummy bag of hand baked biscuits direct to your door every fortnight. We were lucky enough to be allowed to take a bag of their Pork Pie biscuits away from All About Dogs and they were amazing! Mum stuffed them in our Kongs and we went mad for them.


In seventh place are Lamb Trainers from Boxby (sold by Dependable Pets) RRP £2.99 for 100g pouch. We picked these up at The National Pet Show along with their Duck Trainers and Minu Bone Trainers and all three make great additions to our big jar of agility treats. Nice and small, easy to eat and extremely yummy!


In sixth place are Greenies Dental Chews RRP £5.99 for 10 pack at PAH. We picked these up at Paws in the Park, they were giving out bags for free so we thought we’d give them a go. They are supposed to fight plaque and tartar build up, we already have pretty good teeth due to our raw diet but your teeth can never be too clean! They also provide a good chew while Mum is trying to get stuff done so it’s paws up from all of us.

In fifth place are Little Stars Smart+ treats from Vet’s Kitchen RRP £1.39 for an 85g bag. We picked these up at Paws in the Park in both the Smart+ Chicken and Active+ Salmon flavours (Mum forgot to bring treats for us – silly human) and we posed all weekend for them! They are a little too big for training but very good for photoshoots. They are seriously yummy, we slightly preferred the Smart+ variety, and perfectly moist which we love.img_5806-1
In fourth place are Peanut Cookies from Fido’s Box RRP £2 (only avaliable at shows or in their boxes). We picked these up at Paws in the Park and the humans weren’t optimistic about them as we usually don’t like treats without meat or cheese in. They clearly don’t know us as well as they think because we loved them. They are very crunchy so not great for training but perfect for photo shoots! We were thrilled when we got another pack in our own Fido’s Box – full box review coming soon.

In third place are Chicken & Thyme treats from Olive’s Larder RRP £3.99 for 150g pouch or box. These luxury, artisan treats are quite simply hand baked circles of yumminess. They come in two vacuum sealed pouches inside the packaging to keep them fresh and smell just irresistible, even to human noses. They are perfect to put inside puzzle toys (or as a distraction when there’s something to bark at outside!) the smell alone drives us totally nuts!

In second place are Love Bites Hearts Mix from Mr Goodlad RRP £2.99 for a 300g tub. We’ve had the Love Bites Mini Trainer bones before and loved them so were excited to try the Hearts Mix and Snack Mix that Mum brought back from The National Pet Show. Both pots contain a variety of beef, lamb and chicken flavoured treats. As predicted both of us loved them, they are yummy enough to be a high value treat but very small so perfect for training.

In first place are Black Pudding Bites from Finer By Nature RRP £2.95 for 125g tub. We bought three different tubs from Finer By Nature at All About Dogs, we loved them all but the Black Pudding Bites were our absolute favourite. They are made from 100% natural ingredients and come in a very handy tub. They offer something different from the usual chicken or pork treats and are a seriously high value reward which makes them great for photo shoots or learning new tricks. They can also be cut into smaller pieces which we have added to our trail mix! Our whole pack went absolutely mad for their Black Pudding Bites. img_6835


3 thoughts on “Top 10 Treats from our recent shows! 

    1. I have been using Finer By Nature treats for ages. My Shelties love the Venison treats and Sunday Lunch. Pots are really handy and thejr prices are very resonable.

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