Review: Fido’s Box

We first met Fido’s Box at All About Dogs in Newbury, we always enjoying looking at different subscription boxes at shows but our PA is always weary that their displays may not be truly representative of the contents of their boxes. We followed them on Facebook and Instagram with interest, time and time again we were impressed with the photos of boxes that they were posing and, more importantly, the ones they were tagged in! We were therefore very pleased when they reached out to ask if we would like to review a box for them. We picked up our box at Paws in the Park (PA nearly forgot it, we might have to start advertising for a less forgetful one) and could not wait to get home and open it!img_6218-1

In our box were six items. A Starmark Bentoball, a Chubleez stuffed toy, Lily’s Kitchen Bedtime Biscuits, Animology Clean Sheet, Woof & Brew Posh Pooch and some of Fido’s Box’s very own hand baked treats!  As you can see, I was very excited.

First item out of the box was the stuffed toy, anyone who knows me knows that I do like to de-stuff plush toys so of course this was first out. Soft, squeaky and just the right length for a good game of tug-of-war. Our human said it was inevitable that it would meet a rapid death as most plush toys in our house do, especially ones with squeakers in. How wrong she was. A week later and Mr. Woof is still going strong, squeaker and all. I only name them if they last a week or longer. Seems a waste otherwise. RRP £4.99.

Next, with a little help from our human, we released the Bentoball. She wasn’t optimistic for this one as we aren’t the biggest fan of food toys and the “everlasting” treat that came in the ball did not looking like it would stay in there for long. She was right about the treat, it lasted about 30s so we will not be getting those refills but the ball itself was an
unexpected hit. It fits most treats inside, bigger treats are frustratingly hard to get out, and we both enjoyed the challenge of freeing our treats. Our only complaint is that we didn’t get two! RRP £5.99.

Is it my turn yet?
Woof & Brew Posh Pooch tea bags were next up. For anyone that has’t come across them before, W&B make doggy tea. We have tried it before and, to be totally honest, we wouldn’t touch the stuff. Unfortunately, this time was no different. Doggy tea was, and still is,
a non-starter in our house. RRP £4.99.

Luckily the next item was a much bigger hit. We had tried some of the home-made treats from Fido’s Box at both All About Dogs and Paws in the Park and had been very impressed. We LOVED their peanut butter biscuits so we were thrilled to discover another pack in our box! Their own treats are made by Fido’s Masterchef Graham and they are all grain-free, gluten-free and made with only the finest ingredients – sound great right?! Every Fido’s Box contains a pack of their own treats in a variety of different varieties including; Carrot & Coriander, Parmesan, Wakama Seaweed & Garlic, Apple & Blackberry and our favourite, Peanut Butter! RRP £2.00.img_6393

Mum’s favourite product from our box is up next; a travel sized pack of Clean Sheets from Animology. We, or should I say our humans, are big Animology fans. We have used their shampoo for a long time but had never tried their wipes.  As far as wipes go, we were very impressed. They were very large, had a rough side to scrub off any dirt and contain a no-rinse shampoo similar to the Animology Fox Poo shampoo. They do not in any way replace a bath (apparently) but they are handy to have in the car or in your bag should  your pooch, like myself, have the impeccable taste for l’eau de fox poo. They work pretty well as a temporary measure to disguise smells until bath time, and stop your human’s car from retaining the glorious smells. RRP £4.00.img_6809
It seems appropriate that the last item from our box is Lily’s Kitchen’s Bedtime Biscuits. We have had products from Lily’s Kitchen before and always been impressed with the quality of the ingredients in their treats. These particular treats contain honey, yoghurt, chamomile and passion flowers and are supposed to have a calming effect on us pooches. The biscuits were indeed very yummy but whether they have a calming effect or not remains to be seen. RRP £2.99.img_6383


Total RRP of the individual items in our box was £24.95. The price of the boxes from Fido’s Box varies dependant on the subscription you sign up for, if you order just the one box they are £22.95, a three month subscription works out at £20.95 per box, 6 months works out at £18.95 per box and for the best value a 12 month subscription works out at just £17.95 a box!

Overall we were very impressed with our goodies from Fido’s Box, the items were all of a high quality and we loved all except one which is pretty good when you consider how fussy we can be. There was a mixture of both brands we know and love in our box and new brands that we hadn’t previously tried, we always love discovering new companies here at Adventures of Doodles HQ after all, variety is the spice of life! We were especially impressed with our toys from our box, we can be very particular about what we like to play with and can be a little destructive so the fact that we liked both toys and haven’t destroyed either of them yet is nothing short of a miracle! Their boxes are great value for money when you add up the individual RRP of the items you receive, especially when you commit to a longer term subscription. Even if you take out the doggy tea that we weren’t keen on, the total RRP of the other items still adds up to more than the price paid for the box, assuming you have at least a six month contract.

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