Dog Fest Windsor – 25th/26th June

Next weekend we, along with our good friend Tilly, will be attending Dog Fest at Windsor’s Great Park. Dog Fest is hosted by Professor Noel Fitzpatrick and is billed as the UK’s Summer Festival for Dogs. Will be attending on both days, just to make sure we really can see and do everything, Tilly will be with us on Saturday and one of our Aunties will be accompanying us on the Sunday. Lots of our Insta-dog friends will also be in attendance so hopefully we will all be able to meet up and get a big group photo!There is loads going on at Dog Fest so we thought we’d just share with you all the bits we are most excited about! Obviously we are most excited about seeing Noel Fitzpatrick, our Mummy saw him speak at The National Pet Show and they just blown away by him. He is a truly incredible man, as well as an exceptional and pioneering veterinary surgeon and we cannot wait to see him talk and potentially meet the man himself, and we have to wonder what he might make of us! There are loads of great talks and demonstrations going on across the three  main rings that will be set up across the Dog Fest site. The main stage is the Eukanuba Superstage, along with Supervet  Live!, this stage will host live music, dancing dog performances and Dogs Today’s Hero Awards. The largest ring at Dog Fest is the Drontal Advantage Main Ring, the jam packed schedule includes a Flyball Demo, Newfoundland Dogs Demo, Conquest-K9 Dog Displays, Quack Pack (duck hearding by Border Collies) and agility competitions. Last, but by no means least, is the Hill’s School 4 Dogs Ring. This ring will feature dog training display with have-a-go opportunities, displays from the East Anglican Staffordshire Bull Terrier Display Team,  a puppy training masterclasses and a number of other exciting displays and masterclasses. There is also a small agility ring run by Natural Instinct,  our agility club have been invited to run  some of the demonstrations in the ring and some of the member will be running their dogs in the competitions – we can’t wait to cheer them on/bark excessively every time someone says tunnel.

We are very excited about lots of the vendors that will be exhibiting at Dog Fest, many of our old favourites will be in attendance as well as a few companies we have connected with on social media but are yet to meet in person and even more companies that we have never heard of! Some of our established favourites include Bauwow, Mable & Mu, Wiff Waff Designs, Gerties and Berties, Benyfit Natural Dog Food, Animology, Finer By Nature, Oliver’s Larder, Quarters of Sussex and Broughton & Co, for a full list of all the companies exhibiting in Windsor click here. Mum will need to up our allowance, there is just going to be way too much great stuff to stick to our usual show budget. We are always on the look out for new and exciting products to review on our blog as well as stocking up on our favourite things so keep an eye out for some new product reviews over the next few weeks!

The very best thing about Dog Fest is that all dog are welcome to attend alongside their humans. Mum particularly likes shows where we can come along and enjoy the day with her, we love all the attention and being in the centre of all the hustle and bustle. It is worth mentioning that not all dogs will enjoy this environment, it’s extremely crowded, noisy and there will be loads of dogs all over the place, so if you are planning on attending please consider that some dogs would be better off left at home and enjoying the presents you will bring home for them! There are lots of fun activities going on for us pooches ranging from have-a-go agility run by Natural Instinct to free weight checks at the Royal Canin Weight Management Marquee, from the Top Dog competition with categories such as Spaniel Craig for best looking male dog over a year, Angelina Collie for best looking female over a year, Most Regal Dog to name just a few, to the Great Dog Walk, a charity 2/4 km walk raising money for the Humanimal Trust and Battersea Dogs & Cats Home. As usual we will be taking part in as many activities as possible, maybe this will be the weekend we will win our first rosette?!
Overall we are beyond excited about our weekend at Dog Fest, we hope some of you will be able to join us! If you’d like to meet up with us then send us a message on one of our social media pages or send us an email at and our human will try to sort out a time and place for us to meet!

For more information and the latest news check out the Dog Fest website and social media outlets.

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