Oodles of Auctions for Poodle Network UK

🐩 Oodles of Auctions for Poodle Network UK 🐩

In honour of Tilly, Colin, Rhapsody, Des and Eve’s birthdays this summer, and to carry on the tradition of doing something charitable that we started last year with our big charity donation to Poodles In Need, we have decided to hold a charity auction, this year, in aid of Poodle Network UK who do amazing work across the UK rescuing poodles of all sizes. We want to make this year bigger and better than last year, it’s going to be tough but we’re up for the challenge! Our aim is to raise £500. This may seem like a lot but, with all your help, we are confident we can achieve it! 

Right now we need all your help to get as many donations as possible to auction off. We already have a nice little pile of goodies building up here at AoD HQ that we are personally donating but we would be eternally grateful for anything you can donate; whether you own a small business, work for a big company or would like to personally donate, no item is too big or too small! If you’re interested in donating please email us at adventuresofdoodles@hotmail.com or send us a message on Facebook or Instagram. Thank you in advance, we really appreciate it. 

If you cannot help by donating then please help us spread the word on social media. Share our event on Facebook, use our hash tag on Instagram or simply tell your friends, we really want to hit, and possibly surpass, our £500 goal and we can only do that with your help!


Click here for a direct link to the Facebook event!

Last years donation


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