Dog Fest – Companies To Look Out For

Wiff Waff Designs – sell stylish dog accessories. I honestly can’t believe that we haven’t featured Wiff Waff before, we first discovered them at All About Dogs in Newbury and since then we have been slowly falling in love with their gorgeous designs. Their accessories are beautifully made, come in dozens of different fabrics and are extremely reasonable; their bandanas, which come in both over the collar and tie up styles, start at just £4.95 and fit us just perfectly, small for Rhapsody and medium for Colin in case you were wondering. Our new bandanas looked amazing on our evening photoshoot with Tilly after Dog Fest and we haven’t taken them off since! All Wiff Waff products are machine washable at 30 degrees which is great if you have dogs that like to live life on the dirty side, I bet you don’t know any pups like that…

Doddle for Dogs – sell a unique collar/lead system. The Doddle is a small robust pod fixed onto your dog collar or harness. It contains a lead which springs in and out to a maximum length of 1m with a looped handle for immediate control of your pooch, for example if you need to quickly grab your dog as an unfriendly dog approaches you out on a walk, or, in Rhapsody’s case, she sees a nice clean lap to jump onto with muddy paws! The Doddle weighs just 39 g and is about 5 cm in diameter, whilst this may seem rather bulky to the eye it certainly didn’t bother Tilly when she had it on! The Doddle costs £25 for either a collar with Doddle attached or a Doodle pod for you to attach to your own harness, we think it is a great idea, especially for those situations in which you do need to get your dog under immediate control.

Wild Manor – sell indoor and outdoor pet furniture. Wild Manor brought a selection of their indoor and outdoor pet furniture to Dog Fest and we were really impressed at how unique their products were. They really stood out from the crowd and from our pictures I bet you can see why! Our personal favourites were the rustic wooden dog sofa (RRP £165 – £270), the raise rattan dog bed (RRP £85 – £180) and the La Rioja wine barrel kennel (RRP £220 – £250). Their products are expensive but you have to remember that you are not buying a dog bed or kennel, you a buying a high-quality piece of furniture that will probably last your dog’s entire lifetime. These are investment pieces and we think they really offer something wonderfully different from your typical dog bed or kennel.

Finer by Nature – sell yummy natural treats. If natural dog treats are what you are after, then you should look no further than Finer by Nature. They sell the most fantastic range of natural dog treats from bully sticks to ostrich and venison rolls, from pigs ears to dried tripe sticks, Finer by Nature have just about every protein you can think of in treat form. We especially love their Grab and Go “Tubbies” which come in a wide variety of flavours and are perfect for learning new tricks, agility training and photoshoots alike. We have yet to find a flavour that any of us don’t like, including the mega fussy Desmond and Eve whose favourite is the black puddling treats, and they are very reasonable at £2.95 for a small tub (125g), £7.95 for a medium tub (500g) and £19.95 for the whopping 1.75kg giant tubs! At shows they usually run a 3 for 2 deal on their treats which makes them even better value!

Gracie Lu – sell handmade pet beds. Gracie Lu caught our eyes on Sunday morning, following a busy day on Saturday we quite fancied a little nap and the Gracie Lu stall was in the right place at the right time. Their gorgeous, handmade beds come in the most stylish of patterns, our favourite is their floral range, with six different colours, each a delightful as the last, there is a bed to suit every home décor imaginable. Their beds range from £45 to £76 depending on size and can be filled with a choice of feathers or hollowfibre. We can also confirm that they were wonderfully comfortable, the perfect place for a quick power nap! Gracie Lu also sell cushions and blankets that complement their beds beautifully.img_8140Koco Kookie Kreations – sell handmade pet products including coats, scarves, bandanas and blankets. We were drawn to Koco Kookie Kreations because of their coats. We have issues finding coats that fit us because we have fairly long bodies but narrow chests, we had never previously been able to wear a coat “off the rack” so we were very impressed that the coats at Koco Kookie Kreations fitted both of us! Their coats are fully adjustable as well as being waterproof and fleece lined. They come in a variety of funky designs and are reversible so when it is not raining they can we worn with the colourful fleece lining on the outside which looks rather cool! The coats start at just £11 for an XS, up to £22 for an XL which is a great price especially for such a high quality, handmade coat. Koco Kookie Kreations also sell a range of other accessories which are equally as cute and functional including their very stylish doggy scarves!img_8237

Barkbites – sell premium subscription dog treats. Barkbites is essentially a Graze Box for dogs. You select the size of your dog(s), you can then deselect any treats that your dog would not like/cannot eat so that these do not get send in your box, you tell the how often you’d like a box delivery and then your sit back and wait for your box of yumminess to arrive. There are 48 different treats that could possibly be sent in your box (obviously less if you deselect any) and these cover a range of categories; Digestion, Weight Control, Skin and Coat, Teeth and Gums, Bedtime, Training, Vitality and Immune and Joint and Mobility.  We tried a number of the different treats on Sunday and they were all a hit which means they must be doing something right! We think this is a great idea and love that you get three different treats in your box every time! Prices start at £5.49 for a weekly box or £5.99 for a fortnightly box and you can get 50% off your first and fifth box with the code SWELL516.img_8132


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