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Raw Review: Benyfit Natural Pet Food

We first met Benyfit at Paws in the Park and we were thrilled to see a different raw food supplier at a show, the big three are often at events but it is rare to see any of the smaller suppliers. Mum got chatting about our blog and our Raw Reviews and they asked if we’d like to give their new, high quality raw food a go. Of course, we said yes! We later found out that the pet shop local to our Grandparents’ house, Pawfect for Pets, also now stocks Benyfit which is a great endorsement for them as Pawfect for Pets only stocks products of the highest quality. img_6121 Continue reading

Modelling for… We Love To Create

We were thrilled when we were chosen as brand reps for We Love To Create earlier this year, we’d been following them on social media for a while and had fallen in love with their products, especially their pet tags. We don’t enter many model or brand rep searches but when theirs came up on our newsfeed on Instagram we knew we just had to and, would you believe it, we actually got one of their brand rep spots! Fastforward almost exactly a month after the announcement and our package arrived!

Inside our beautifully packed boxes were our amazing new tags, a special key ring for Mummy, our official brand rep card and a box of their new and exclusive donut treats! We were sent four tags for each of us, each pair of tags coordinated which Mummy loved, she likes us to always coordinate in some way. Weird, I know. All eight tags also follow the same colour scheme, how cute is that?! We also love that they sent a selection of their smaller tags for Rhapsody, since she is such a little dog. If you to have a little dog (Rhapsody’s weighs 5 kg and is about 12 inches to the shoulder) then make sure you mention that you’d like small tags when you order! Equally if you’re a bigger dog, and we don’t discriminate here at AoD HQ, then you can also order larger tags, you just have to ask!All the tags are made from 1.1mm thick, lightweight aluminium, they come with a secure split ring (Mum broke two nails getting ours on, they aren’t going anywhere) and so far they are withstanding all the rough and tumble of doodle life very well! WLTC tags are highly customisable; colour, shape, font, you name it, they can do it. No two pet tags need ever be the same again! All of our colours, fonts etc for each tag are in the caption on the photos in case you were wondering! Every tag is meticulously printed using high quality ink onto the specialist coated aluminium tag in their small Derbyshire studio. WLTC also print all of your humans’ details that you request on the back of every tag to comply with UK laws and make sure you get back to your humans as quickly as possible should you lose them.

The first tags that went onto two of our many collars (both from Made for Mutts) were our heart shaped ‘Kiss Me’ and ‘Hug Me’ tags. As most people cannot resist hugging and kissing us we’re not personally sure we need to give the humans any more encouragement but hey, the more kisses and hugs the better right? These are not yet avalible but if you’d like tags just like ours then they will be avalible very soon via their website and Etsy page.

Next up Mummy decided to put our star tags on our new star collars from Wagy Tail. The tags work perfectly with them, we couldn’t have wished for a better match! The star tags come in a selection of patterns as well as a huge range of colours so make sure you check them all out to find your star tag! To put stars in your human’s eyes then have them click here.

On to the third pair of tags, probably the most understated pair of the lot, our flower tags. They have our names printed across the front (a little hard to see in the photos) and we think the graduated colour change give the tags a subtle beauty. These are not yet available to purchase so keep your eyes open for their launch very soon if these take your fancy!

Finally are our favourites. Our little monster tags. These are so special, and just completely perfect for us, that Mummy decided we needed new collars just to put them on. She is on the look out for the perfect match so, if you think you’ve seen or you make a collar that would go perfectly please let us know! These are available through the WLTC Etsy page, they are avalible in a huge range of colours, different monster bodies and different faces, click here to get your very own! Since receive our tags, Des and Eve have also become proud owners of WLTC monster tags!

Also in our Brand Rep package was a box of special doggy donuts. These are a new product that WLTC are in the process of launching and we were delighted to be able to be amoung the first pups to try them! There’s not much to say except YUM! These were possibly the best thing since raw chicken wings. We could not get into the box quick enough and Mum said they almost looked good enough for her to eat (don’t worry, we didn’t let her). Not only do they taste delicious but have you seen how cute they are?! The perfect treat for perfect pups, or failing that, perfect treats for pups that might not be well behaved all the time but you love all the same!

If you fancy getting your paws on some doggy donuts then click here to preorder now – use our code ADVENTURESOFDOODLES for a whopping 35% off and a free donut tag with your box of donuts meaning you’ll get a box of donuts and a tag for just £6.47!

Finally, and most excitingly of all, when you decide on which gorgeous products you’re going to order using your humans credit card (they love this BTW) you can use our code ADVENTURESOFDOODLES for 10% off! This code is also valid on top of the 20% discount already applied to their sale items on their Etsy page which makes their tags just £5.04 plus P&P. We Love To Create also make a number of other personalised products for both furry and human members of the family, there are so many different products to choose from and our discount code is valid on all of them! You can check out all their products, including all the products featured in this post, by clicking the links below.

Etsy: www.etsy.com/uk/shop/WeLovePets

Website: www.welovetocreate.co.uk

For super cute pictures and the lastest product news you can also follow them on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter!

A Weekend At… Dog Fest

Bright and early Saturday morning, not even the threat of rain could dampen our spirits as we headed off to Windsor for our first day at Dog Fest. With our furfriend Tilly and her human Amy, who was our personal photographer for the day, in tow we piled into Mummy’s Mini and we were off! We arrived nice and early to avoid any queues, always recommended when you attend a big event, and at exactly 9.30 we were through the gates! The first thing we noticed about the festival was just how big the site was, even though the event was sold out and at capacity, we never felt like space was an issue which has been the case at some other event so that was great for both human and canine attendees.

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