Raw Review: Benyfit Natural Pet Food

We first met Benyfit at Paws in the Park and we were thrilled to see a different raw food supplier at a show, the big three are often at events but it is rare to see any of the smaller suppliers. Mum got chatting about our blog and our Raw Reviews and they asked if we’d like to give their new, high quality raw food a go. Of course, we said yes! We later found out that the pet shop local to our Grandparents’ house, Pawfect for Pets, also now stocks Benyfit which is a great endorsement for them as Pawfect for Pets only stocks products of the highest quality. img_6121

Benyfit Natural is a small independent company started by Ben Van Pragg based in  East Sussex, UK. Ben grew up with dogs as part of his life, when he started trialling his dogs he realised that there was not a dog food on the market that he was happy to feed his dogs. For his dogs to be the best, he felt it was necessary for them to have the best possible diet and so Benyfit began. Using his chef background Ben started to develop the food, based on the principles of BARF, in consultation with vets, canine nutritionists, experienced working dog competitors and trainers. Today Benyfit has a small team, including Ben’s son Greg, who are all passionate about dogs and what they are fed.

We received a selection of minces for Benyfit and some yummy bones (Mummy lost them in the bottom on the freezer for a while and she cant remember what kinds of bones they were – oops!). We tried their Chicken & Tripe, Chicken, Turkey, Premium Blend and Tripe Complete minces.

Pup appeal: how much Colin and Rhapsody liked the food (10/10) – Colin and Rhapsody loved their mince from Benyfit. They went totally crazy at dinner times, even by their standards, and ate all the mince varieties almost impossibly quickly.  As expected, the mixes containing tripe were the most popular, no big shock there for anyone that already feeds raw I’m sure! They also loved their Benyfit bones, Rhapsody guarded hers for a full half a hour before admitting she was full and letting me put it back in the fridge!

Poop rating: what it says on the tin, how good their poop is! (4/5) – overall there were very few poop issues which is always nice, a couple of off days but nothing to worry about in the long run!

Packaging rating: how easy the food is to use/store and labelling (4/5) – All of the mince from Benyfit come in either 500 g or 1 kg tubs. They are currently redesigning their packaging so I won’t bore you with details of the old packaging but we are happy to report no leakages! The new packaging is as below, we think it looks fantastic! Benyfit’s mince is labelled as 80% raw meat, bone and offal which is great is you are feeding them as a complete but not ideal if you wanted to use it as part of a DIY diet.

Price: value for money (7/10) – this is the only downside of Benyfit; it is the most expensive food we have trialled, only between 50p and £1 per kg more expensive, but that does add up pretty quickly! Their minces start at £3.50/kg up to £4.95/kg  in their 1 kg tubs, this rises minimally if you chose the 500 g tub option (50p/kg or less). Their bone prices are in line with the big three companies.

Quality: quality of the mince (sloppy vs chunky), meatiness of bones (10/10) – the Benyfit mince is just the way we like it; chunky, chunky, chunky! Their complete minces contain 100% British meat as well as heart, liver, carrots, broccoli, swede, whole eggs, kelp, herbs and flax seed oil and you can see all the ingredients (within reason) in their mince packs without a doubt. The mystery bones were fab, just loads of meat on them, Rhapsody’s even had to go back in the fridge as she couldn’t eat a whole one in one sitting and I’ve seen her demolish an entire chicken carcass! Overall the quality of Benyfit Natural’s food is second to none.

Variety of products (3/5) – Benyfit Natural offer good variety of minces and provide options for both seniors and puppies. They have seven options in their Adult range; Turkey, Chicken, Beef, Just Tripe, Chicken & Tripe, Premium Blend (contains rabbit, venison and turkey) and Tripe Complete. As a smaller company they cannot match the variety offered by the three major companies but we are sure this will come in time. Bone-wise they only offer a small range of turkey options and whole wild rabbit, again this range will likely increase as the company grows.

Delivery and ordering: ease of ordering and quality of the delivery (4/5)  – the website is easy to navigate, very clear information and some great FAQ’s. As we picked up our Benyfit at Paws in the Park we are unable to comment on the delivery service the Benyfit provide but we got the following information from their website: delivery is next day and costs £6.75 for 0-8 kg, £9.25 for 16-24 kg, £12.00 for 24-32 kg, £15.00 for 32-48 kg and free for over 48 kg.


The dogs loved their food from Benyfit and, if price were no object, then they would definitely be chowing down on it every night. Currently I, their human, am a student teacher so price does play a massive part in my decision of what to feed the pups so it’ll be a treat of Benyfit every now and then for them at the moment! Having said that, to anyone who has the budget to do so, we will wholeheartedly recommend Benyfit Natural, their food is of the highest quality and you couldn’t ask for a more lovely, caring company.

Chatting to the Benyfit lovelies at Dog Fest

Website: benyfitnatural.co.uk

Facebook: www.facebook.com/benyfitnatural

Instagram: www.instagram.com/benyfitnatural

Twitter: twitter.com/benyfitnatural


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