At Day With… PitPat at the Victoria Park Dog Show in aid of All Dogs Matter

On Sunday we were invited by the lovely people at PitPat to attend the Victoria Park Dog Show, in aid of All Dogs Matter, with them for their first ever PitPat Pack Meet! If you don’t know who PitPat are (and if not, why not?!), they make a fantastic activity monitor for dogs! I have had mine for almost five months now and we absolutely love it – you can check out our full review on their product here! Anyway, on to Sunday! We arrived at Victoria Park bright and early, the show started at 11 but we were meeting up with the PitPat team for a photoshoot beforehand along with the gorgeous Woody and Wilma from The Cotswold Spaniels. Having packed everything but the kitchen sink, it was a good job we got a good parking spot from which to haul all our bags to the PitPat tent – lucky for us there was plenty of space for all our stuff and we were able to set up a little camp at the back of the tent as a rest area. As we arrived the professional photography team, Charlie and Matt from Yokan, were just setting up. They needed some willing pups to take some test shots and, of course, we were willing to oblige.

Shortly after, the gorgeous duo that is The Cotswold Spaniels arrived and we set off to explore the beautiful park hopeful that we would be able to get at least one shot of all four dogs together! After taking a quick detour via the doggy ball pit (which was awesome!) we began to explore the park and strike some poses. We did just about manage to get a few group shots with lots of treat bribery all round but unfortunately our shoot was cut a little short when Rhapsody and I decided to go for a little swim in the delightfully stinky, stagnant lake. In our defence we were just chasing our ball, Mum really needs to work on her aim! Lucky for us, in the chaos before we left, Mum had packed our Dogrobes so after a pit stop in our rest area we were dry and fresh(ish) in no time at all!

The PitPat stall was pretty awesome. Charlie and Matt had set up their pro photo booth at one end and at the other end, in front of our rest area, was the best part. A whole table of yummy goodies for pups and their humans alike. The amazing Pawbakes (another company we LOVE, see our review of their baking kits here) had donated some of their kits so there were lots of delicious pupcakes to sell and raise money for All Dogs Matter! The PitPat stall was heaving all day, their combination of yummy snacks, a fantastic product and the loveliest team of people we’ve ever met, was drawing a huge crowd!

Woody and Wilma’s Mummy, Megan, was tasked with the very important job of following PitPat’s founding hound Andrew during the show, he was asked to do the very important job of helping to judge the dog shows, a job we did not envy – there were so many cute dogs we would never have been able to choose! All the wining pups were offered a photoshoot with Charlie and Matt on the PitPat stall, modelling their new PitPat from their winning goodie bags of course, which mean we got to see all the winners up close and personal. We think Andrew did a pretty good job choosing the most fabulous dogs in each category (and he only had to pay us two pupcakes each to say that!). Along with the gorgeous winners we also met loads of other pawesome pups that came to visit the PitPat stall, we finally got to meet the handsome Jude the French, squished some very tiny Chihuahua puppies and met a ginormous bull mastiff x German Shepard who’s head was bigger than Rhapsody! There were so many gorgeous dogs of all shapes, sizes and breeds including some dogs that had been previously adopted from All Dogs Matter, it was lovely to see them all with their forever families, happy and healthy as all dogs should be.

Our afternoon was filled with fun and photos. We posed in the photo booth (someone had to show everyone how it was done), showed off our agility skills and tricks, relaxed in a gorgeous bed from Teddy Maximus under a tree, filmed the entire show on Rhaps-cam (AKA a GoPro) and even posed for photos with the lovely PitPat team. Holly from Teddy Maximus had also been kind enough to send some of her gorgeous signature bow ties for us with Andrew. They are just beautiful, and we can confirm they also wash well, in case you’re particular to l’eau de fox poo like me. We cannot wait to meet Holly at Discover Dogs so we can thank her properly with lots of kisses and cuddles, and maybe persuade Mum that we simply NEED a Teddy Maximus bed in our lives!

Of course, PitPat was not the only stall at the show, you’ll see them all in our show video soon but we thought we’d just share our favourites with you! Next to the PitPat stall was Fetch & Follow who had very generously donated a collar and lead set to our charity auction last month so we were keen to say thank you, and of course check out what they had on offer! Our favourite items had to be their handcrafted leather dog collars, they are so simple and elegant, perfect for any stylish pooch. Next up was Oli Juste’s stall, Oli is a dog trainer and behaviourist by trade, his stall was not only full of lots of fantastic training information but also of great products, from classically brilliant Kong toys to their very own leads, bandanas and poo bag dispensers. Our final favourite, last but by no means least, were the uniquely gorgeous offerings from Hiro + Wolf. As soon as Mum saw their stall we knew we were in for the long haul. Mum loves to find new accessory companies and she was thrilled to find one as unique as Hiro + Wolf. She fell in love with their gorgeous collars, with their exceptional designs and high end feel, they are definitely on her wish list! Her absolute favourites were their Inca Blue and Inca Pink collars, with the gorgeous tan vegetable leather and soft Inca style blankets woven in Bolivia they were just stunning.

Once the show finished we hung around for a bit for one very special reason, my little bro was coming to see us! Some of you may remember Vincent from our trip to Alice Holt a few months ago, he is my little brother from the litter after mine and he was just the cutest little thing (according to Mum). He’s grown a little since we last saw him, he is nearly as big as me now and still very cute! We were super excited to see each other and had a good play but I was a little grumpy after my long day so I wasn’t the best big brother. It was still great to see him and his human, I promise I’ll be nicer next time!

All in all, we had a fantastic day with the PitPat team. We love everything about their product and cannot wait to see what they come up with next! Not only do they have a fantastic product but they are also a genuinely lovely group of individuals (that give wonderful cuddles) and we look forwards to working with them again in the future!

To get your own PitPat you can check out their website here.

To keep up with their latest news, and see lots of pictures from our photo shoot, you can follow them on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter!

All photos were taken by either Megan (@thecotswoldspaniels) or Amy (@sillytillypoodle), thank you ladies, your  photos are amazing!


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