Discover Dogs – 22nd/23rd October

On the 22nd of October we will be heading into the big city to attend Discover Dogs at the Excel Arena. This will be our second year attending, last year I competed in the Scruffts heat but this year is possibly even more exciting, we are attending as official Discover Dogs bloggers. We really enjoyed the event last year, it was a great opportunity meet dogs of all shapes and sizes, we even discovered some breeds we didn’t know existed! There will be over 200 different breeds to meet at this year’s event so I am looking forwards to making new friends and introducing Rhapsody to some of the friends I made last year! We’ve even heard that the Crufts Best in Show winner is going to be there, we better make sure we are looking out smartest! There is so much going on across the weekend that we thought we would share some of the potential highlights with you!

This year we are most looking forwards to the agility. Mum and I have started our own agility training since we attended Discover Dogs last year and cannot wait to see all the amazing dogs that have qualified for the events at Discover Dogs. They will all have had to qualify through other events in order to be competing in their semi-final or final at Discover Dogs so it really will be a chance to see the best of the best, maybe one day we might be lucky enough to compete at this huge event! Other activities going on in the main ring include flyball, heelwork to music, trick training, obedience displays and a number of displays from a variety of teams including the Metropolitan Police Display Team, Southern Golden Retriever Display Team, Paws for Thought Display Team and East Anglian Staffordshire Bull Terrier Display Team. With so much going on, we might just sit in the arena all day!

There are also a number of smaller arenas with their own exciting agendas; the Training and Display Ring when you can catch heelwork to music, displays from the Kennel Club Good Citizen Scheme among many others and the Companion Dog Club Pedigree competition ring  where you’ll be able to see the best companion dogs from around the country competing against each other. Finally, a ring that we are very excited about, is the Scruffts ring. This year there will not be any Scruffts heats at Discover Dogs, just the semi-finals, so all the dogs competing will already have battled stiff competition in their heats and we cannot wait to see which dogs will go on to compete at the grand final at Crufts next March.

Of course, no show would be complete without copious numbers of stalls selling everything dog related you could possibly wish for. Established favourites we are looking forwards to seeing, and obviously spending Mum’s money at, include Mable & Mu, Greenies, Pet Munchies, Benyfit Natural Pet Food and Wiff Waff Designs. There are also a couple of stalls that we cannot wait to visit as we have met them through social media, it’ll be great to put a face to the brands. These highly anticipated meetings are with Teddy Maximus who make gorgeous, luxury dog accessories, coats and beds and Dr Zoo who make a range of pet skin products especially for sensitive and itchy skin, we hope they are both ready for lots of doodle kisses!

If you fancy join us for a day out for all the family at Discover Dogs then head over to our Facebook page where you could win one of two FREE pairs of tickets!

For more information on Discover Dogs you can had over to their website all the latest news and full timetables for the weekend!img_0622



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