Review: Shampoo Bar and Paw Balm from Floyd & Bear

A few weeks ago we were thrilled to win a competition run by Floyd & Bear on Instagram, we were intrigued by their ‘Dirty dog’ soap and Skin and Paw Salve, both made by Coconut Blush. We usually stick to the same well-known brand of shampoo, we know it works and most importantly doesn’t dry out our hair and skin which can be an issue for us.

Lucky pups!
Coconut Blush make a natural range of products for both humans and pets, they are all handmade in the Peak District, Derbyshire. All the pet grooming products they make are Paraben & SLS-Free. As all good dog parents should know, hard chemicals often lead to dry skin on dogs and can be the cause of constant distress from itchiness & scratching. All their products are gentle, focusing on keeping skin soft and nourished which helps avoid further outbursts of dryness and sores.

The range of products that Coconut Blush make, and supply to Floyd & Bear, contain a small range of essential oils that are very safe for us pups. Many of these are also effective flea repellents, such as the Neem oil in their shampoo bar we tried. Their use of natural oils and butters ensures a completely moisturising product which helps retain all of the natural oils in your pups coat.

Skin & Paw Salve (RRP £3.95) for dogs is made with Shea Butter to help alleviate sore spots. It is supposed to be great in winter months too as it eases pain & cracking caused by salt & ice balls, we can’t wait to use it this winter, hopefully we might get some snow this year! Although the product is mainly for skin and paws, we were reliably informed that it was also suitable for dry noses and this was very exciting news for Mum. Rhapsody has suffered with a dry nose as long as we’ve had her and Mum is always umm-ing and ahh-ing about whether to buy something to help moisturise it but has never actually ordered anything.  As soon as we opened our package, she dug into the tin of Skin and Paw Salve to see if it would help. She was sceptical to start with but the results speak for themselves, as you can see in the photos below. Rhapsody’s nose is 100% better and dry and cracked no more!

We finally got the chance to test our our ‘Dirty Dog’ shampoo bar (RRP £4.95) after our rather muddy walk at Fleet Pond last week with Tilly and Gatsby. We were totally filthy and Mum could not wait to get home and put our new bar to the test. The first thing she noticed about the bar, as soon as she opening it, it smelt amazing. The scent is light and fresh, scented with peppermint, tea tree, citronella and lavender, Mum was almost tempted to wash her hair with it! The bar also contains Neem oil, as I mentioned earlier, which has been proven to discourage and even kill fleas (in a high enough concentration) and is know to be great for achieving a conditioned, shiny coat. Our regular readers will know how much we hate fleas so this added benefit of the Dirty Dog soap is fantastic. At first using a bar instead of shampoo from a tube is a bit weird. Having said that, once Mum got the hang of using it (and stopped dropping in into the bath) it was really easy to use. Due to the fact that you rub the bar straight onto your dog’s coat, it definitely feels like you waste less shampoo that you would from a bottled shampoo and we only had to shampoo once which is unheard of it our house, especially when you consider how filthy we were! Overall we were really impressed with our shampoo bar, even though it takes a little getting used to it is definitely a great alternative to bottles shampoo and, we hope, it will last much longer!


In conclusion, we loved both the products we trialled from Coconut Blush courtesy of Floyd & Bear. Mum is always searching for natural alternatives, whether it’s for our food or healthcare, and she is thrilled to have found such a natural range of grooming products that are not overpriced, don’t dry out our coats and are so effective! Floyd & Bear also have a number of other products available from their shop including; Toys, collars, leads, bandanas (and everyone knows we love a good bandana) and bow ties from luxury brands like Teddy Maximus, Jolie Dog and Edition 12 alongside natural treats from one of our favourites The Dog Treat Company and Sea Treats Head over and check out what they have on offer, you won’t be disappointed!


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