What’s in our bag for Discover Dogs?

Whenever we go to event Mum is always worried she’ll forget something so she writes a list. This list is usually different depending on where we are going, our bag is much fuller if we are heading to an outdoor venue! With Discover Dogs now in less than a week’s time we thought we would share what will be in our bag this weekend – an essential packing list for an indoor show if you like!

Mable & Mu ‘Patch’ sets with matching We Love To Create tags – first on Mum’s list is always our accessories. One simply does not turn up to an event without the proper attire. We will be taking two sets with us for DD, everyone loves a costume change, and our coordinating sets from Mable & Mu were the obvious first choice, especially with our new tags from WLTC which were made specifically to match. These sets are busy, fun and set the tone for an exciting day!

Bramble & Friends rope lead and collar sets with tags from Dog’s Best Trend – these are the most recent addition to our collection and we just love the subtle beauty of them. Both sets were custom made especially for us by Tamsyn at B&F and they really are something special. When the collars arrived we knew that they just needed a hand-stamped copper tag from Katherine at DBT and luckily they arrived in time!

HALTI Harness – when we go to events I always wear my harness. My lead attaches to the front of it so it stops me pulling which stop me putting strain on my little body and stops Mummy from getting sore shoulders. I really don’t mean to hurt either of us, I just get very excited about everything going on around me so it’s much better for both of us when I wear my harness!

Whiskers and Stitched treat and poo bag pouch – this is also a new purchase and honestly Mummy doesn’t know how she managed without it. It is the perfect size for both treats and poop bags and it’s easy clip means it can be easily transferred between leads. It’s also pretty cute.

Boxby Mini Trainer Bones from Dependable Pets – our favourite training treats. Mum loves to take them to shows because they are tiny, which is great when we have to pose for photos all day, and there are a range of delicious flavours in each pack so we don’t get bored of them!

Beco Travel Bowl – possibly the most practical thing Mum has ever bought us. This handy collapsible bowl takes up no space in our bag and yet when we need it, it simply pops up and we can quench our thirst. Handy when you don’t like to share water bowls. Not that we are divas or anything.

Slicker brush – of course no self-respecting poodle or doodle would leave the house without a brush. We take a basic slicker brush in our bag everywhere we go, just in case we have any fluff-mares while we are out – the ‘fro must always be on point.

Watts In The Box jumper – as Rhapsody is a pretty tiny dog, Mum always carries a jumper for her in our bag, just in case she gets a little chilly. The obvious choice for such a big event is her stripy jumper from WITB, custom made of course. We love the quality of it and it is super cosy.

PitPat activity monitor – we don’t go anywhere without these on our collars. When we go to a show it is especially important that we wear them so Mum knows exactly how much exercise we have done and therefore how much to feed us!

Tickets – very important, if you forget these it doesn’t matter what else you’ve packed because you won’t be able to get it! If you haven’t bought your Discover Dogs tickets then you can do so here or you can buy then on the door at the weekend – hope to see you there (we’ll be the super fluffy ones trying to make friends with everyone!).

And that’s it! All our essentials for Discover Dogs, except our resident photographer Amy, she is definitely essential but we doubt she’d be very happy if we tried to put her in the bag. Hopefully Mum will now remember to pack everything, if not, I guess we’ll just have to go shopping – what a shame!


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