Discover Dogs – Companies To Look Out For

Discover Dogs is a big show. In one day (and we were there before official opening until after it closed) we didn’t even manage to get round all the stalls but we did manage to see lots of our favourite companies and discover a few new ones too. Here are the top four companies we discovered last weekend and why we liked them so much!

Urban Hound – our regular readers will know that our Mum had a slight *ahem* obsession with buying accessories for us. Discover Dogs, unsurprisingly, was full of different dog accessory stalls and bizarrely (other than our established favourites) Urban Hound was the only one that caught her eye. Not only were the humans behind the brand genuinely lovely dog-people, but their collars and leads were just gorgeous. All their show collars had metal buckles (you can get plastic ones online) and they had an amazing range of different designs. The ones that particularly caught our eye were their ‘Double Denim’ collection, a range of different patterned, you guessed it, denim collars and leads and their ‘Rainbow’ collection made of coloured corduroy. Their collars start at a very reasonable £11 for XS up to £15 for XL (and it’s only an extra £1 to add a metal buckle!) and their leads are all just £15. Amazing value for such quality products. A selection of Urban Hound collars and leads have now gone on Mummy’s doggy wish list with the heart and star denim collars right at the top! 

Tuff Mutts – this was my pick of the day. Right at the beginning of the day I dragged the humans over to the Tuff Mutts stall to try out their beds, I could tell from afar that they were going to be comfy and boy was I right! I chose their ‘Den Bed’ for a little chill out time, Mum says I was having a bit of an anxious moment and needed to calm down and this bed worked like a dream. Whatever, I was totally fine. Anyway Tuff Mutts had an amazing range of both waterproof and luxury dog beds on their stall (they all looked pretty luxury to me) and they all looked every bit as comfy as the pile of den beds I claimed. Their prices start at £35 for their waterproof bed (available in 15 styles and 7 different colours) and their luxury range, which also has 15 different styles, start at £55 and those are available in 15 different fabric variations, all of which are gorgeous – our personal favourite is their Carnegie Duck Egg! They also do memory foam travel beds which start at just £25 and are perfect for pups on the go. The other product that caught our eye on their hideously comfortable stall was their doggy duvets. Made from the same fabric as their luxury beds and lined with cosy fleece they are the ultimate in doggy luxury! Needless to say, it took Mum a while to persuade me to leave.

Huxley Hound – premiering at Discover Dogs, Huxley Hound are a brand new dog treat company with a difference. They pride themselves in being the world’s first range of fully traceable organic vegetable treats for dogs. Dogs can only extract minimal nutritional value from raw vegetable because they cannot break down the vegetable fibres that contain the nutrients. Huxley Hound have worked with leading universities and independent research bodies to develop the optimum vegetable dehydration process to unlock the essential nutrients in the organic vegetable that they use. Sounds good right? Super healthy for us health-conscious pups. At Discover Dogs, Huxley Hound had two different treats with them, carrot and beetroot. Both went down a storm with Rhapsody but I wasn’t too keen. Mum says I’m too fussy. They also have sweet potato, broccoli and parsnip treats in the works, maybe I’ll like those more! Huxley Hound will shortly be launching their on-line store, you can follow them on social media to make sure you’re first to know about their shop launch!

Dr Zoo – we have been following Dr Zoo for a while on social media so it was great to finally be able to meet the lovely people behind the brand. Dr Zoo originates from Australia where they have been helping pets with itchy skin for two and a half years and now they are bringing it to all us lucky pups in the UK! They pride themselves on their products being ‘Totally Lickable’, they use only lickable ingredients because pets lick everything, apparently. They only use ingredients with a high safety rating when ingested by animals. They don’t use parabens or benzoates to preserve their products (they have an organic approved preservation system) and they don’t use pesticides like pyrethrins either. All their ingredients are 100% safe for pets and all their products are made, by them, in Australia. Social media has been going crazy over the quality of their products, try them out for yourself and find out why! Their range of products includes shampoo, conditioner, dry shampoo, suncream and many more, they range in price from £8.50 – £11.90.


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