At Day At… Discover Dogs

As many of you will have realised by now, this year we were asked to be ‘Official’ bloggers for Discover Dogs. We were thrilled to have been asked, we had an amazing time when we went in 2015 to compete at Scruffts and were very excited to be able to go again! Of course with two dogs this year, Mum needed to find someone to come with us, and who better than our favourite photographer Amy (otherwise know as Tilly’s Mum). All photos in this article were taken by her, you can check out even more of her fabulous work on Tilly’s Instagram.

The whole point of Discover Dogs is, you’ve guessed it, to discover more about dogs, specifically about different breeds of dog. We met the most amazing range of different dogs; from the giant Tibetan Mastiffs to the tiny Chihuahuas, from the super fluffy Samoyeds to the sleek short-haired Dachshunds, from the long, elegant faces of the Greyhounds to the snub-faced, totally squishable French Bulldogs. There really was the perfect breed for every taste and that is what we loved about this event. We never get bored of learning more about all the different breeds of dog and the doggy wish list gets longer every time!

Our favourite thing about Discover Dogs was the amazing array of different doggy sports and activities that were going on. As we have started agility training this year we were especially excited to see the agility and we were not disappointed! The best of the best compete at Discover Dogs for a chance to go on compete at Crufts in March and we saw some incredible dogs and handlers. Mum has a new found appreciation for the handlers, they make it look so, so easy and trust me, it’s not! Our cockerpoo friends Archie and Pepper were competing in another amazing dog sport, Flyball. Flyball is a very fast-paced sport, the sheer speed of the dogs over the hurdles is astounding and the dogs look like they are just having the best time! Archie and Pepper (and the rest of their team) were absolutely phenomenal and they only went and won! Of course, they’d probably credit it to our cheering. Amongst the agility and Flyball were a number of other impressive spectacles, the heelwork to music group composed exclusively rescue dogs was a particular highlight to us! While we were sat in the main ring we were joined by one of our favourite humans, Esther from PitPat and her adorable daughter Bella (sorry if it’s not cool to be called adorable Bella, you’re just too cute!). We had lots of cuddles and they even brought us new toys – they really are the best!

Of course, as with any event, we love to catch up with all the fantastic people behind the brands we love. We started the day by visiting Holly at Teddy Maximus, I was lucky enough to be able to model one of her brand her harness that she launched at Discover Dogs (Mum has an entire blog post coming on this later so I won’t spoil it!). Her stall was gorgeous, as expected and we spent a significant portion of the day sending people in her direction once they saw my gorgeous harness! We also stopped by our favourite accessory stalls, Wiff Waff Designs and Mabel & Mu, both had some gorgeous new fabrics on offer including amazing Halloween and Christmas designs. Keep your eyes peeled for those appearing all over our social media pages. Trust me – you don’t want to miss them!

Shows are also a great place to stock up on food and treats at bargain prices. Our first stop for treats is always the guys from Boxby. They have an amazing range of treats, all of which we love, including our favourite ‘Mini Trainer Bones’. They also have a great range of grain-free treats which is great for Little Miss Tilly who is on a grain-free diet. We also swung by Lily’s Kitchen, they had a great range of treats and food but we were most excited about their doggy advent calendars! We didn’t manage to persuade Mum that we needed them just yet but it is still October (just!). Our last stop before we headed home was the Benyfit Natural stall. These guys make the creme de la creme of raw dog food and their show prices are just crazy. Mum bought a total of 15 kg of mince, don’t worry, some of it is being delivered! We actually saw the Benyfit team a few times during the day, we kept dragging Mum back for more of their yummy training treats! It was also great to meet their nutritionist who was full to the brim with knowledge of canine nutrition, it was great to see Benyfit using someone with such expertise to spread the raw feeding word!

And that’s it folks. What an amazing day we had at Discover Dogs, The Kennel Club definitely know how to host a great event and we are already looking forwards to next year!

Accessories for the day were from Bramble and Friends (cotton rope collar and lead sets), Mabel & Mu (patchwork collar, lead and bandana sets) and Teddy Maximus (Colin’s harness).


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