Rhapsody’s Top 5 Dog Jumpers

Colin chose his Top 5 Winter Coats a few weeks ago so I figured it was only fair that I got a go at showcasing some of our favourite companies, it’s Rhapsody here by the way, Princess Rhasody to you. Anywho, as some of you may know I have been somewhat struck down by the dreaded Kennel Cough for the last couple of weeks, for the first week or so I was constantly shivering and my small collection of jumpers quickly became more essential that Mum ever imagined. I wore a jumper or fleece onesie all day, every day for over a week and we think it definitely aided a quick recovery. As I have only been with my family since January, and the start of this year was unseasonably warm, Mum did not realise just how cold I can get, even when I’m not poorly. Now I have given her the perfect reason to expand my collection and maybe I might even be able to persuade Colin to get in on the jumper action!

As in Colin’s Coat post, I am going to try and showcase a range of different jumpers, from waterproof fleece to hand knitted masterpieces, from cheap and cheerful to extravagant expenses. Hopefully we will find something to suit every taste and budget. Most of all, all the jumpers we feature will be both practical and stylish, a winning combination, I’m sure you will agree. There *may* even be a few festive choices in there! All prices quoted will be for either my, or Colin’s, size (14″ or 16″ back).

Our first pick tonight isn’t a brand you would usually associate with pet clothing but Next produced a couple of cracking Christmas jumpers for us canines this year and we just couldn’t pass them over. With two jumper designs on offer, I have chosen their ‘Snowman Knitted Dog Jumper‘ for Colin (RRP £10) which leaves me with the stylish ‘Navy Fairisle Pattern Knitted Jumper‘ (RRP £8). Next really have hit the nail on the head with these jumpers, something human brands that try their hand at pet clothing rarely do. With only two designs on offer, their range is limited but hopefully in the future we will see a wider variety from them at the same great prices! Their sizes are very generous, their XL has been made to fit the likes of German Sheppards so everyone can enjoy these jumpers!

For our first exclusively pet retailer we would like to head to Wagy Tail. With a wide range of jumpers on offer, both knitted and fleece options, Wagy Tail has them all (and we already have a small selection at home). Boasting an impressive 28 different jumper colours and styles on their website, they have something for everyone and starting at just £5, you can afford to have one of each! At this time of year, and I promise they aren’t ALL Christmas jumpers, my pick would have to be their ‘Red Reindeer Jumper‘ (RRP 11.25). There’s something about his little face that I just can’t resist.  To keep with the reindeer theme I have picked their ‘Black Reindeer Jumper‘ (RRP 10.95) for Colin, I think he’d look just dashing in it on Chrritmas Day! Most of the Wagy Tail jumpers are made in small sizes, Colin would need a XXL in the reindeer jumper so if you have a large dog your choices may be limited!

Next up we have new kids on the block, Sotnos. We first came across Sotnos a few weeks ago via our friend Alfie’s Instagram and rather fell in love with their jumpers, along with most other items on their website. Since I am only allowed to choose one for each of us, (I checked, Mum said I could definitely only choose one), I have chosen their gorgeous cable knit jumpers. These is just something about a good cable knit jumper, on human or dogs, that just transports you to a cosy wooden lodge in The Alps with an open fire. With two classy colours to chose from, I went for the classic grey for me (RRP £14.99) and the tantalising teal for Colin (RRP 16.99). I love the simplicity of these jumpers, plus they look super warm and snuggly. These are definitely on the wish list!


We couldn’t possibly do a post about jumpers without mentioning our good friends at Watts in the Box? Some of you may have seen me strutting my stuff in a gorgeous pink and purple jumper from them, it was a life saver when I was poorly. The WITB? jumpers we have chosen are £20.00 and £22.50 respectively, prices vary based on size, design and wool used, while this is more than a jumper you might by in a pet shop, there is a number of very good reasons why! Every WITB? jumper is knitted by hand, in Yeovil, Somerset using the highest quality wool. Not a machine or hint of anything synthetic in sight and, as they make to order, their sizes can be adjusted to suit dogs with odd body types. I wouldn’t know anything about that… My jumper has been put through it’s paces, it’s been to the beach, in the woods and it still looks good as new. You really do get what you pay for! I’ve chosen a couple of funky multicoloured deisgns to share with you all, I think we’d be the centre of attention wherever we went in them!

Finally we have Equafleece. For anyone that doesn’t know, and if you don’t then you clearly don’t follow the cool dogs on Instagram, Equafleece make a range of jumpers and coats for dogs, horses and humans from their Polartec® high performance polyester fleece. It is warm, water-repellent and  breathable making it the perfect material for staying cosy on these chilly winter days. For myself I have chosen one of their ‘Dog Suit‘ in their beautiful Mulberry colour (RRP £31), I get very cold so maximum coverage is key on particularly cold days and these suits look toasty. As Colin is not keen on being restricted, I have chosen him  a ‘Dog Tankie’ (RRP £36) which is designed to work like a human body warmer, keeping all the important bits warm without limiting any movement. For him I think I would have to choose the  Cobalt Blue colour but with 14 different colour options is it hard to pick just one! From what we’ve seen, they really are the best in the business and are loved up and down the country but Mummy says she can’t justify spending that much on a dog fleece right now. Selfish, right?

So there you have it, my top jumper picks for the winter, I hope you all enjoyed my little foray into the blogging world, perhaps I’ll do a little more in the future, if Colin will share the computer that is!

All the pictures in the article have been taken from the retailers websites or social media pages, they are not owned by us. All prices are correct the time of publishing for Colin and Rhapsody’s sizes, other size will vary.


Review: Protect My Pet Essential Health Box

We reviewed Protect My Pet’s Pet Health Box (now the Premium Health Box)in March this year and although we loved their product we wished they did a box for more than one pet, after all, there is two of us! Nine months later and Protect My Pet have expanded their service and now offer a wider range of boxes, including Multiple Pet boxes and their Essential Health Box!

For those of you that don’t know, or can’t be bothered to read our previous post, Protect My Pet offer a monthly subscription service that provide health boxes for dogs and cats through your letter box for a lower price that buying all the items individually. Protect My Pet now offer a choice between their Premium Health Box (as we reviewed previously) and their Essential Health Box. The Essential Health Box contains your pet’s monthly dose of flea treatment and quarterly dose of worming tablets in the right quantities for each individual pet. You simply open the box, treat your pet and you’re all done and covered for the month. For the flea treatment you get a choice between Frontline and Advantage which is great, we personally use Advantage but it is up to personal preference. The Essential Health Boxes range from £6.99 to £12.99 to cover all different sizes of dogs!

Even more excitingly, for us at least, at the Protect My Pet Multiple Pet boxes. For those of us that have more than one dog in the household subscription boxes can be a bit of a pain as they are usually designed for one dog and buying two boxes it just crazy expensive. Protect My Pet now offer dog and cat boxes for up to four pets, the discount increases with each dog or cat that you add! For two pets you will receive a 10% discount, for three you will get 20% off and for four you will get a whopping 30% off. When you receive your multiple pet box each pet’s treatment is in a clearly labelled pack (see pictures below), to ensure each pet get the right doses! Something so simple is enormously helpful and makes sure you are safely treating your pets. The Multiple Pet boxes are great value for money when you consider how much you would be paying for your treatments individually each month and there is no excuse for your human forgetting to protect you!

So there you have it, two fantastic new products from Protect My Pet, in addition to the fabulous Premium boxes they already had! If you head over to the Protect My Pet Facebook page, you can enter their competition to win a FREE three month Essential Health Box subscription – what are you waiting for?!

You can also follow Protect My Pet on Instagram and Twitter to keep up with the lastest news and offers. To get your very own box, you can sign up today at www.protect-mypet.com img_0858


Colin’s Top 5 Winter Coats

As the winter season is well and truly upon us, my mother, in her infinite wisdom has decided I need a coat. Apparently she does not appreciate my delightfully wet and muddy self trying to cuddle her on the sofa to get warm when we get in from our walks. As much as I would love to say I’m a big boy and don’t need a coat, I have very little body fat so I do get pretty cold, especially when I’m wet! My big (very little) sister Rhapsody gets even colder than me due to the fact that she is just so tiny so, in a loving brotherly fashion, I have included a coordinating coat for her alongside all of my top coat picks! Our requirements for coats include being waterproof and warm as well as stylish, of course, and ideally machine washable!

Since this is a blog, and we must do things in a logical order, apparently, we are going to work our way from coats that are kind to your bank balance all the way up to those luxury buys. Hopefully we will show you something for every budget and every pooch’s style! All the prices quoted will be for my size (16″ back length) and Rhapsody’s size (14″ back length).

First up we have Dry Hound. Dry Hound are new to the UK pet market and I have to say I am loving what they have to offer. They offer a range of coats and jumpers including waterproof fleeces and even festive options, they even offer free custom sizing on all of their items which is great when you’re a bit of a funny shape like us! My pick from Dry Hound is their Quilted and Cord Fleece Lined Coat in bottle green (RRP £17.99). This coat is made from a high quality waterproof polyester and has fleece lining in black. It is edged in corduroy, including the belly band and also has corduroy detail across the shoulders and collar. For Rhapsody I have chosen their Quilted Waterproof Sherpa Trim Coat (RRP £14.99) in either the purple (as in the pictures) or in pink, she loves to look all girly when we are out! This cost is made from the same waterproof polyester and fleece lining as my pick but instead of corduroy is has a Sherpa fleece trim to the neck and belly band, perfect for those brisk winter mornings! Both coats are also machine washable which is very important for us.

Next up, another budget pick, we have Koco Kookie Kreations. We first met Koco Kookie at Dog Fest earlier this year, there wasn’t much call for a coat then but that didn’t stop Mum making me try them on! As you can see, their standard sized medium coat fitted me perfectly which is very strange as I have a disproportionately small chest for my back size so they are definitely top contenders! Their stylish dog coats are lightweight, reversible and designed with a waterproof microfibre and a soft fleece lining available in lots of different designs, my personal favourites are the pink and orange camouflage designs! The coats are designed to be reversible, if it is raining then the fleece is a warm, cosy lining for your dog whilst the waterproof microfibre ensures they stay totally dry and protected and if not, the colourful fleece lining can also be worn on the outside for a more fun, playful look! Their coats are £18.00 for a size medium and £15.00 for a small so they aren’t exactly going to break the bank! Key feature – machine washable!

Heading up the price scale a little we have a couple of beautiful coats from Teddy Maximus. By now you will all know that we love all things Teddy Maximus and their coats are no exception! My personal pick from them is Shetland Wool Waxed Dog Coat  (RRP £50.99) which is a stylish olive green waxed cotton outer shell fully lined with Sand Shetland Wool to keep us pooches nice and toasty! My pick for Princess Rhapsody is the coordinating Pink Shetland Wool Luxury Waxed Dog Coat (RRP £47.99) which as a navy waxed cotton outer shell and is lined with a their beautiful Pink Shetland Wool. Their waxed cotton is supplied from the original manufacturer of waxed cotton for outerwear and the worlds leading specialist in waxed cotton fabrics with a heritage dating back to 1880! They do up with metal poppers on the belly band and around the neck, these coats are made to go the distance (no Velcro is an added bonus for us!). The only downside to these Teddy Maximus coats it that they need to me washed on a special washing machine setting, but they can still go in so we’re all good! Mum thinks thy are too pretty for us to wear on most of our adventures, they would work nicely as a special occasion coats Mum, *hint hint, nudge nudge*.

At around the same price point we have some gorgeous tweed coats from Walter’s Wardrobe. Our human was lucky enough to also meet the lovely humans behind Walter’s Wardrobe at The National Pet Show in London earlier this year and they have stuck in her mind for one very good reason, no Velcro! When you have long, flowing locks like mine, Velcro can be an absolute nightmare, not to mention that it also tend to lose it’s stickiness once it has been washed a few times! These humans knew what they were doing when they created these coats. My pick from Walter’s Wardrobe is their Slately Dog Coat (RRP £50.00). Made from the best grey checked Balmoral tweed and line with navy fleece this is one stylish, yet practical coat. Is has a reflective strip across the front, perfect for those evening walks and side release buckles to fasten – no Velcro! These are also, you’ve guessed it, machine washable! For Rhapsody I have chosen the coordinating Bracken Dog Coat (RRP £50.00) which is a gorgeous tan and red check pattern and would look perfect with her unusual colouring!

Finally, the the very top of our price range, we have another pair of Tweed coats, totally different and yet equally gorgeous, from Purple Bone. We have recently noticed Purple Bone bursting onto the scene on social media and love what we have seen so far. For my final coat pick I have chosen their Green Vermont Tweed Jacket (RRP 74.99), made from Scottish wool with a Sherpa fleece lining, this coat looks super snuggly, perfect for these cold winter days! It is fitted using an adjustable buckle around the belly and a Velcro neck strap to ensure the perfect fit. For Rhapsody I have chosen the other Tweed coat offered by Purple Bone, their Red Lumber Tweed Jacket (RRP £69.99) which is a classic red and black Tweed with that all important cosy Sherpa fleece lining. These coats can go in the washing machine but they must be washed on a cold hand wash cycle or they can be dry cleaned. 

So that’s it, a round up of my top coats for winter, did any of your favourites make our list? If not then please leave us a comment to tell us about them! All the shops featured have a wide range of other coats on offer as well as many other gorgeous products, I highly recommend you head over and check them all out!

All pictures were either kind provided by the chosen shops or from their websites.

Devil Dood Designs has Launched!

Devil Dood Designs has officially launched! 

We are so excited about this new chapter for us, we hope you love our products as much as we love making them. Paracord accessories are possibly the most practical available – they are unaffected by mud and water and can go in the washing machine! With a breaking strength of 550lb these accessories are tough enough for even the strongest dogs! With over 70 colours to choose from, including reflective, glow in the dark and multicoloured options and other additions such as ID tags, diamanté lettering and other embellishment, we really do have something for everyone!

Our opening week offers are as follows:

1️⃣Free additional colour upgrade when you buy a matching set (usually £4)

2️⃣Free reflective cord upgrade when you buy a matching set (usually £6)

3️⃣Free martingale upgrade on any collar (usually £3)

4️⃣Free Cobra collar (up to 20″) when you buy a convertible lead (usually £8-£20)

No coupon codes needed. Only one free item per order. 

Just put the number of the free item you would like in the notes section after you check out! Remember to include colour if you want a free additional colour or reflective cord upgrade and size if you are claiming a free collar with your convertible lead! 

You can shop now at www.etsy.com/shop/devildooddesigns 

We’ll leave you with a selection of our items to browse, hopefully you’ll see something you like!

Collars, Bandanas and Bow Ties: Part 5

Welcome to another edition of Collars, Bandanas and Bow Ties, we know it has been a while since our last entry (in April!), so apologies for that! Mum has been concentrating on our own company, Devil Dood Designs, but she wanted to share with you all a few bits we have picked up over the last few months.

First for you today we have bow ties from Teddy Maximus. When we attended the Victoria Park Dog Shown in aid of All Dogs Matter with PitPat we knew it would be a great day but it was made awesome by the lovely Holly from Teddy Maximus. She had sent Andy with some gorgeous bow ties for Rhapsody and I, when Mum saw them she was absolutely thrilled. PitPat had the matching bed on their stall, in the classic TM signature print, and the combination was just amazing. As you know, we love a good bow tie here at AoD and our bows from Teddy Maximus are just exceptional. TM bow ties retail at £14.99, you’ll see why when you see the exceptional quality of them! FYI they can also go in the washing machine if you’re a naughty pup and roll in fox poop. Not that I’d know anything about that.

We’ve been on a bit of a winning streak recently with competitions and we were thrilled to win a collar from Boots & Bones a few weeks ago after naming one of their new Autumn collection prints. We came across B&B through our friends Woody and Wilma from The Cotswold Spaniels and couldn’t wait to give their collars a try. Of course Mum couldn’t let one of us have a new collar without the other so she decided to buy Rhapsody one so we could match. You may remember we were looking for collars to match our monster tags from We Love To Create and as soon as we saw B&B’s new collection we knew it was fate. Two of their new Autumn range were exactly the right colour for our tags. As you can see the collars look gorgeous and with prices starting at just £10.99 why not check out the new Boots & Bones Autumn collection for yourself? I am wearing their ‘Triangles’ collar and Rhapsody is modelling ‘Hundreds and Thousands’ (named by yours truly!).

Finally, for now, we have our new Harris tweed collars from Nanook Collars and Leads. We picked these up for a bargain prices of just £5 each at Paws in the Park and could not be more thrilled with them. Rhapsody’s is a gorgeous purple and black checked tweed and mine is a more classic tweed with orange and blue hints, both have metal buckles and are superbly made. Nanook Collars and Leads are fairly new to the dog accessory world, Paws in the Park was their first ever show and we loved what we saw. They offer an amazing range of different Harris tweed accessories including coats, collars, leads, flowers, bow ties and neckerchiefs. In addition to these, they also offer a polka dot accessory range, dog toys and hemp rope leads, all of which are gorgeous. Of course, their collars are not usually £5, their bespoke Tweed collars start at £10 which is still exceptionally reasonable for Harris tweed and their polka dot collars, which are only available for dogs with necks of 17″ and over and are velvet lined, start at £15. They are very happy too take custom orders, follow their Facebook and Instagram pages to get a true sense of the amazing range they offer!