Collars, Bandanas and Bow Ties: Part 5

Welcome to another edition of Collars, Bandanas and Bow Ties, we know it has been a while since our last entry (in April!), so apologies for that! Mum has been concentrating on our own company, Devil Dood Designs, but she wanted to share with you all a few bits we have picked up over the last few months.

First for you today we have bow ties from Teddy Maximus. When we attended the Victoria Park Dog Shown in aid of All Dogs Matter with PitPat we knew it would be a great day but it was made awesome by the lovely Holly from Teddy Maximus. She had sent Andy with some gorgeous bow ties for Rhapsody and I, when Mum saw them she was absolutely thrilled. PitPat had the matching bed on their stall, in the classic TM signature print, and the combination was just amazing. As you know, we love a good bow tie here at AoD and our bows from Teddy Maximus are just exceptional. TM bow ties retail at £14.99, you’ll see why when you see the exceptional quality of them! FYI they can also go in the washing machine if you’re a naughty pup and roll in fox poop. Not that I’d know anything about that.

We’ve been on a bit of a winning streak recently with competitions and we were thrilled to win a collar from Boots & Bones a few weeks ago after naming one of their new Autumn collection prints. We came across B&B through our friends Woody and Wilma from The Cotswold Spaniels and couldn’t wait to give their collars a try. Of course Mum couldn’t let one of us have a new collar without the other so she decided to buy Rhapsody one so we could match. You may remember we were looking for collars to match our monster tags from We Love To Create and as soon as we saw B&B’s new collection we knew it was fate. Two of their new Autumn range were exactly the right colour for our tags. As you can see the collars look gorgeous and with prices starting at just £10.99 why not check out the new Boots & Bones Autumn collection for yourself? I am wearing their ‘Triangles’ collar and Rhapsody is modelling ‘Hundreds and Thousands’ (named by yours truly!).

Finally, for now, we have our new Harris tweed collars from Nanook Collars and Leads. We picked these up for a bargain prices of just £5 each at Paws in the Park and could not be more thrilled with them. Rhapsody’s is a gorgeous purple and black checked tweed and mine is a more classic tweed with orange and blue hints, both have metal buckles and are superbly made. Nanook Collars and Leads are fairly new to the dog accessory world, Paws in the Park was their first ever show and we loved what we saw. They offer an amazing range of different Harris tweed accessories including coats, collars, leads, flowers, bow ties and neckerchiefs. In addition to these, they also offer a polka dot accessory range, dog toys and hemp rope leads, all of which are gorgeous. Of course, their collars are not usually £5, their bespoke Tweed collars start at £10 which is still exceptionally reasonable for Harris tweed and their polka dot collars, which are only available for dogs with necks of 17″ and over and are velvet lined, start at £15. They are very happy too take custom orders, follow their Facebook and Instagram pages to get a true sense of the amazing range they offer!


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