Colin’s Top 5 Winter Coats

As the winter season is well and truly upon us, my mother, in her infinite wisdom has decided I need a coat. Apparently she does not appreciate my delightfully wet and muddy self trying to cuddle her on the sofa to get warm when we get in from our walks. As much as I would love to say I’m a big boy and don’t need a coat, I have very little body fat so I do get pretty cold, especially when I’m wet! My big (very little) sister Rhapsody gets even colder than me due to the fact that she is just so tiny so, in a loving brotherly fashion, I have included a coordinating coat for her alongside all of my top coat picks! Our requirements for coats include being waterproof and warm as well as stylish, of course, and ideally machine washable!

Since this is a blog, and we must do things in a logical order, apparently, we are going to work our way from coats that are kind to your bank balance all the way up to those luxury buys. Hopefully we will show you something for every budget and every pooch’s style! All the prices quoted will be for my size (16″ back length) and Rhapsody’s size (14″ back length).

First up we have Dry Hound. Dry Hound are new to the UK pet market and I have to say I am loving what they have to offer. They offer a range of coats and jumpers including waterproof fleeces and even festive options, they even offer free custom sizing on all of their items which is great when you’re a bit of a funny shape like us! My pick from Dry Hound is their Quilted and Cord Fleece Lined Coat in bottle green (RRP £17.99). This coat is made from a high quality waterproof polyester and has fleece lining in black. It is edged in corduroy, including the belly band and also has corduroy detail across the shoulders and collar. For Rhapsody I have chosen their Quilted Waterproof Sherpa Trim Coat (RRP £14.99) in either the purple (as in the pictures) or in pink, she loves to look all girly when we are out! This cost is made from the same waterproof polyester and fleece lining as my pick but instead of corduroy is has a Sherpa fleece trim to the neck and belly band, perfect for those brisk winter mornings! Both coats are also machine washable which is very important for us.

Next up, another budget pick, we have Koco Kookie Kreations. We first met Koco Kookie at Dog Fest earlier this year, there wasn’t much call for a coat then but that didn’t stop Mum making me try them on! As you can see, their standard sized medium coat fitted me perfectly which is very strange as I have a disproportionately small chest for my back size so they are definitely top contenders! Their stylish dog coats are lightweight, reversible and designed with a waterproof microfibre and a soft fleece lining available in lots of different designs, my personal favourites are the pink and orange camouflage designs! The coats are designed to be reversible, if it is raining then the fleece is a warm, cosy lining for your dog whilst the waterproof microfibre ensures they stay totally dry and protected and if not, the colourful fleece lining can also be worn on the outside for a more fun, playful look! Their coats are £18.00 for a size medium and £15.00 for a small so they aren’t exactly going to break the bank! Key feature – machine washable!

Heading up the price scale a little we have a couple of beautiful coats from Teddy Maximus. By now you will all know that we love all things Teddy Maximus and their coats are no exception! My personal pick from them is Shetland Wool Waxed Dog Coat  (RRP £50.99) which is a stylish olive green waxed cotton outer shell fully lined with Sand Shetland Wool to keep us pooches nice and toasty! My pick for Princess Rhapsody is the coordinating Pink Shetland Wool Luxury Waxed Dog Coat (RRP £47.99) which as a navy waxed cotton outer shell and is lined with a their beautiful Pink Shetland Wool. Their waxed cotton is supplied from the original manufacturer of waxed cotton for outerwear and the worlds leading specialist in waxed cotton fabrics with a heritage dating back to 1880! They do up with metal poppers on the belly band and around the neck, these coats are made to go the distance (no Velcro is an added bonus for us!). The only downside to these Teddy Maximus coats it that they need to me washed on a special washing machine setting, but they can still go in so we’re all good! Mum thinks thy are too pretty for us to wear on most of our adventures, they would work nicely as a special occasion coats Mum, *hint hint, nudge nudge*.

At around the same price point we have some gorgeous tweed coats from Walter’s Wardrobe. Our human was lucky enough to also meet the lovely humans behind Walter’s Wardrobe at The National Pet Show in London earlier this year and they have stuck in her mind for one very good reason, no Velcro! When you have long, flowing locks like mine, Velcro can be an absolute nightmare, not to mention that it also tend to lose it’s stickiness once it has been washed a few times! These humans knew what they were doing when they created these coats. My pick from Walter’s Wardrobe is their Slately Dog Coat (RRP £50.00). Made from the best grey checked Balmoral tweed and line with navy fleece this is one stylish, yet practical coat. Is has a reflective strip across the front, perfect for those evening walks and side release buckles to fasten – no Velcro! These are also, you’ve guessed it, machine washable! For Rhapsody I have chosen the coordinating Bracken Dog Coat (RRP £50.00) which is a gorgeous tan and red check pattern and would look perfect with her unusual colouring!

Finally, the the very top of our price range, we have another pair of Tweed coats, totally different and yet equally gorgeous, from Purple Bone. We have recently noticed Purple Bone bursting onto the scene on social media and love what we have seen so far. For my final coat pick I have chosen their Green Vermont Tweed Jacket (RRP 74.99), made from Scottish wool with a Sherpa fleece lining, this coat looks super snuggly, perfect for these cold winter days! It is fitted using an adjustable buckle around the belly and a Velcro neck strap to ensure the perfect fit. For Rhapsody I have chosen the other Tweed coat offered by Purple Bone, their Red Lumber Tweed Jacket (RRP £69.99) which is a classic red and black Tweed with that all important cosy Sherpa fleece lining. These coats can go in the washing machine but they must be washed on a cold hand wash cycle or they can be dry cleaned. 

So that’s it, a round up of my top coats for winter, did any of your favourites make our list? If not then please leave us a comment to tell us about them! All the shops featured have a wide range of other coats on offer as well as many other gorgeous products, I highly recommend you head over and check them all out!

All pictures were either kind provided by the chosen shops or from their websites.


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