Review: Protect My Pet Essential Health Box

We reviewed Protect My Pet’s Pet Health Box (now the Premium Health Box)in March this year and although we loved their product we wished they did a box for more than one pet, after all, there is two of us! Nine months later and Protect My Pet have expanded their service and now offer a wider range of boxes, including Multiple Pet boxes and their Essential Health Box!

For those of you that don’t know, or can’t be bothered to read our previous post, Protect My Pet offer a monthly subscription service that provide health boxes for dogs and cats through your letter box for a lower price that buying all the items individually. Protect My Pet now offer a choice between their Premium Health Box (as we reviewed previously) and their Essential Health Box. The Essential Health Box contains your pet’s monthly dose of flea treatment and quarterly dose of worming tablets in the right quantities for each individual pet. You simply open the box, treat your pet and you’re all done and covered for the month. For the flea treatment you get a choice between Frontline and Advantage which is great, we personally use Advantage but it is up to personal preference. The Essential Health Boxes range from £6.99 to £12.99 to cover all different sizes of dogs!

Even more excitingly, for us at least, at the Protect My Pet Multiple Pet boxes. For those of us that have more than one dog in the household subscription boxes can be a bit of a pain as they are usually designed for one dog and buying two boxes it just crazy expensive. Protect My Pet now offer dog and cat boxes for up to four pets, the discount increases with each dog or cat that you add! For two pets you will receive a 10% discount, for three you will get 20% off and for four you will get a whopping 30% off. When you receive your multiple pet box each pet’s treatment is in a clearly labelled pack (see pictures below), to ensure each pet get the right doses! Something so simple is enormously helpful and makes sure you are safely treating your pets. The Multiple Pet boxes are great value for money when you consider how much you would be paying for your treatments individually each month and there is no excuse for your human forgetting to protect you!

So there you have it, two fantastic new products from Protect My Pet, in addition to the fabulous Premium boxes they already had! If you head over to the Protect My Pet Facebook page, you can enter their competition to win a FREE three month Essential Health Box subscription – what are you waiting for?!

You can also follow Protect My Pet on Instagram and Twitter to keep up with the lastest news and offers. To get your very own box, you can sign up today at img_0858



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